NEW TODAY challenges MTV News

A news item was carried on Monday night on MTV which sought to bring THE NEW TODAY into public disrepute about a front page story carried in last week’s issue of the paper under the headline, “SCHOOL BOY RAPED”.

This paper stands by the story since it is factual that a 15-year old from the village of Fontenoy was arrested and charged by the Police for the rape of an eleven year old boy of the same village.

As a result of the news item carried by MTV involving a person of questionable character, THE NEW TODAY on Tuesday sent the following note to Ms Josephine Mc Guire who was identified to our News Desk as the person in charge of the News Room at MTV and responsible for vetting the items for broadcast.


(1). MTV as a responsible news entity should call the Community Relations Department of RGPF to ascertain whether or not someone from Fontenoy (15 years old) was charged for Rape of an eleven year old.


(2). At no time did THE NEW TODAY indicate that the incident happened at Fontenoy. The article said that the person charged was from Fontenoy and we stand by the story.


(3). The MTV claim that it tried to contact someone from THE NEW TODAY for a comment but was not successful. We have our doubts about that as people were working here up until 7.00 p.m. last night.


(4). If we told a lie in the story, we are prepared to issue an apology and if after your investigation, THE NEW TODAY is correct then we request of MTV that it issues an apology to us and clear our name in light of the perception “out there” that THE NEW TODAY carried false information.


NB: Up to late Tuesday, we have not received any official response from MTV as was promised.


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