FLOW is moving ahead in the broadband arena

Gail Purcell, Country Manager of Flow Grenada

Gail Purcell, Country Manager of Flow Grenada

FLOW on Tuesday made another major “LEAP” in the technological field, bringing more speed to broadband customers.

The company introduced 100Mbps to residential customers, announcing that all FLOW customers will immediately enjoy 2 1/2 times more speed than previously available at no additional cost.

The latest addition “LEAP” (Let’s Evolve As People) was launched during a ceremony at Flamboyant Hotel in the south of the island.

Country Manager, Gail Purcell said that upgrading services to customers was FLOW’s promise when the company introduced Broadband in 2008 providing the fastest Internet speeds on the island at the most affordable prices.

“Ladies and gentlemen ….Grenada is now one of the five islands in the Caribbean, and one of the few countries in the world, where customers can now enjoy up to 100Mbps Internet speeds at home”, she told the ceremony.

Purcell’s message to home-owners was that, “no matter what package you have you will experience a transformation in your internet experience…”.

“This LEAP in capacity is about enabling you, the customer to better utilise broadband in the areas that impact you most. This means whether you are participating in on-line classes, utilising multiple smart devices at home, video chatting, downloading large amounts of data for homework or research, your Internet experience has just been considerably improved. You can now connect easier, stream faster, research quicker, the possibilities are endless”, she said.

Broadband Plus customers will be upgraded from 4Mbps to 10Mbps, Broadband Extreme from 8Mbps to 20Mbps and Broadband Overdrive from 12Mbps to 30Mbps.

For customers wanting extreme speed, the residential package is available for $349.99.

Purcell said that FLOW is not only about providing the best broadband products and services but is also committed to engage in partnerships to enable the best for Grenada.

FLOW has partnered with the Government of Grenada in association with the World Bank, ECTEL and the NTRC to provide telecommunication services to 10 community centres throughout the country.

The telecommunication provider is expanding this initiative in partnership with BrightPath to introduce a number of training activities to several of these Centres with a series of practical training programmes to be held for residents.

According to Purcell, the community access and training initiative go hand in hand with the company’s already established commitment to provide all primary and secondary schools within their broadband footprint, with FREE cable and internet services aimed at enhancing the learning and teaching process through technology.

The company also intends to roll out WIFI hotspot in Morne Rouge and the Carenage in St George and Grenville, St Andrew free of cost.

Minister of Communications, Works, Physical Development, Public Utilities and ICT, Gregory Bowen called Tuesday’s announcement a “remarkable achievement” and was a direct testimony to the government’s continued efforts to bring broadband to the people of Grenada.

“Our goal is to ensure that we use broadband to boost the economy,” Bowen noted.

He said government services such as online payment of taxes and land registry were now within reach with health care and agriculture being other areas, which could take advantage of faster internet speeds.

The Minister said Flow’s increased broadband offering now meant that young people could stay in Grenada while working for international companies and become creators of content to share with the world.

He acknowledged the important partnership between Columbus and the NGO, Brightpath to deploy technology focused training programmes to assist in this objective.

Minister Bowen cited the recent BrightPath-led mobile app creation workshops as an appropriate start to building and expanding the skills of youngsters.

Corporate Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Columbus, Rhea Yaw Ching, who joined the conference via videoconference said Grenada was very special to Columbus as the island was one of the pioneers in the region for the use of ICT.

She added that this pioneering spirit would be further enabled as Grenada would be the pilot country for several new projects to be rolled out under new partnerships with BrightPath, the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and the educational software company idoodlesoftware Inc.

“Recent reports note that the Caribbean has slipped marginally in ICT performance. We must remember that we are in competition with the world. Columbus is committed to providing the infrastructure to bring the competitive advantage necessary to launch Grenada forward,” Yaw Ching remarked.

Residents can immediately experience an advantage with the FLOW upgrades.

FLOW customers can now purchase the new Turbo 100, which was tested on Tuesday by Minister Bowen and Purcell following the announcement.


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