Sandals moves a step closer to opening

Regional Director of Eastern Caribbean, Sandals International, Jeremy Jones

Regional Director of Eastern Caribbean, Sandals International, Jeremy Jones

Grenadians have been credited as the most qualified and certified in the region by Sandals LaSource Resort Management team

The praise were showered on the locals as hundreds flocked to the Grenada Grand Beach Convention Centre last week as the company started the process of looking for potential employees to work at the internationally recognized resort when it opens in December.

Regional Director of Eastern Caribbean, Sandals International, Jeremy Jones, said that they have not been disappointed with the turnout of approximately 1600 potential employees of which 600 would receive placement.

He disclosed that all of the persons interviewed were very qualified, well spoken and properly attired.

The opening of the job fair on Monday catered to immediate former employees of La Source Hotel prior to the acquiring of the property by Sandals.

According to Jones, approximately 200 to 250 people come forward for interviews on a daily basis.

He described the people who were interviewed last week as well spoken, very qualified, friendly and accommodating, which are all ingredients needed in the hospitality industry.

Pre-Opening General Manager for Sandals LaSource, Winston Anderson, also emulated the characteristics of Grenadians crediting them for their warmth and friendliest in the Caribbean.

He said that these qualities were discovered when the company first made its move to invest in the country earlier this year (July).

In commenting on the scores of people attending the job fair, which ended last week Saturday, Anderson said that he is quite happy with the response from the Grenadian workforce.

Screening of perspective employees is expected to be completed next week and letters of intent to be issued to the 600 selected candidates subsequently.

Those selected will attend a one-week orientation session from October 21, followed by four weeks intense skills training to ensure that employees are in line with the company’s standard.

The Resort’s new management team of 26 persons will be sent to a number of Sandals properties scattered throughout the Caribbean to do understudy work.

The majority of the persons serving on management, (99%) of whom are Grenadians will also undergo a period of training.

The managers are expected back on the island from training in November.

The selection panel stressed that the “best of the best” would be selected to work with the world-class brand resort.

As the mega Resorts continues preparations for the December 12 opening, the management team reported that 1,200 employees are now working on the construction site at Point Salines, 99% of them Grenadians.

They reported that the company has extended it working hours to ensure the project is completed in time for the scheduled opening date.

Already the company has reported good bookings for the Resort, with a 90% occupancy expected for the first six months in 2014.

The Sandals official said this is a first for the company as no other Sandals Resort has done this in the past.


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