Charges dropped against Fullerton

Kenrick Fullerton – no longer has a fraud charge hanging over his head

Kenrick Fullerton – no longer has a fraud charge hanging over his head

The fraud charges that have been brought against former Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Kenrick Fullerton have been withdrawn by the State.

This was confirmed to THE NEW TODAY Newspaper on Tuesday by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Christopher Nelson who made it clear that no pressure came upon his Office in taking the decision to have the charges withdrawn.

“The decision to discontinue the matter was a purely internal matter we had in consultation with the virtual complainant,” he said.

The State Prosecutor advanced four reasons why the decision was taken to drop the charges that were laid indictable.

These include the delay in bringing the matter to court, the nature of the matter coupled with the fact that as a result of the incident Fullerton has suffered by having to resign from various positions he held, and that the virtually complainant which is the bank suffered no loss and has no clear benefit in the continued prosecution of the matter.

“So in weighing, overall, the seriousness of the offense, the impact on the complainant, the concerns of the complainant, and what has happened to Mr. Fullerton since these allegations broke, we saw no significant benefit to the public in pursuing this matter,” said DPP Nelson.

Fullerton who was at the time employed with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Sports in the NDC Government is accused of tampering with the signature of a government employee in the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Sports on a document that was submitted to a local bank.

A year ago, the controversial Fullerton, a former policeman, was expelled from Congress along with nine others as part of a house cleaning of undesirable elements from the party.

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