Watch your steps

I have read on more than two occasions in your newspaper articles attacking the Permanent Secretary and the Accountant General in the Ministry of Finance labeling them as NNP Supporters. So why is nothing written about a top man in the office of the Accountant General? It is no secret that he is an NDC supporter.

This man seems to think he is superior because he went away and came back with a Degree but it is more than two years since he has been back and the question is what has he done to improve the Accountant General Division?

We can pick from an abundance of people with better accounting skills who can perform his job much more efficiently and effectively. There is nothing that he brings to the table that a common worker does not possess. A standard two primary school student could do what he does.

There is nothing of substance to be learnt from him. He is very sleek and seems to use subtle ways to upset the work of the current government but eyes are on him. Watch your steps Mr. Man, we are monitoring your every move.


The Vindicator

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