The new Nissan Urvan

One of Grenada’s leading automotive companies displayed a new set of wheels over the weekend introducing the NV350 Urvan Bus.

The launch of the new fleet of vehicles took place last week Saturday at the Huggins Automotive Division, Maurice Bishop Highway.

According to the company’s Divisional Director, Royston La Hae, the new Nissan Urvan riding under the banner “Innovation That Excites”, buses come in two versions – the narrow body and wide body.

The Nissan Urvan was described as a facelift model, which came out in 2003.

La Hae said that the new fleet of diesel vehicles has larger interior space, is equipped with 2.5 litre turbocharged diesel engine, electronic control system, stylish exterior design, new grill design, 15-seater with more space for cargo and leg room with a reclining passenger seat.

However, the divisional director warned potential customers, particularly bus drivers to look at purchasing a bus as a business and to allow them to “stay on the road.”

He said that too often some drivers are interested in speeding to make a quick turnaround, which often results in greater wear and tear of the vehicles.

He disclosed that the company delayed the importation of the vehicles due to some adjustments requested of the manufacturing company regarding the windows, fog lights, CD player, mirrors and air condition.

La Hae said that while some adjustments were made to the buses, they are not fully satisfied that all the adjustments requested were complete, but said that they are working with the manufacturers to make the changes.

He stressed that buying a diesel vehicle comes with many advantages particularly relating to fuel cost, as the diesel is cheaper and lower fuel consumption.

“Diesel engine gives good talk”, he quipped.

The divisional director is confident that the new fleet of vehicles will give their owners longer working hours, as well as a longer time-span for repairs.

The vehicles are fuel injected; pollution emission controlled and profitability should be better.

Customers making their purchase from the time of the official launch to October 31 will automatically receive 20% discount while the first 10 lucky purchasers would receive coupons valued $600.00 to be used for tire purchase in addition to $5,300.00 discount off the cost price of $139,300.00 and complementary service on the vehicle’s first 12,000 miles service.

The event was also used to pay tribute to Crofton Samuel, long-serving customer of Nissan vehicles who died earlier this year as well as to recognize loyal customers.


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