LIME provides education support through broadband

Grenadian students are being given the opportunity to pursue online education through Caribbean Exams.

Head of Customer Solution Delivery, Glendon Langaigne told members of the media on Tuesday that is used for training, teaching and coaching children from the primary school level from Grade One right through to Grade Six, and then into secondary school.

Langaigne said that as the children enter primary school they are able to get on to the online system and are coached using various tools.

LIME considers broadband service as one of its key pillars in the educational drive.

Langaigne indicated that the telecommunication provider which reviewed realised that it has great potential for its customers.

He said earlier this year LIME formalised an agreement to partner with Caribbean Exams and that Grenada will be one of the first business units to launch the service.

Langaigne said every new broadband customer with LIME will receive package that is equivalent to US$15.00 per month.

LIME’s General Manager Angus Steele who also addressed the educational programme said although new broadband customers are the first set of people to benefit from Caribbean Exams, the programme will eventually be made available to all customers in the near future.

Steele said this is a great opportunity for both parents and teachers to tap into that resource material.

He gave the assurance particularly to parents that the programme is safe enough for use by the children who will be using the internet.


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