Tribute to the late Sir Paul Scoon

by Dr. Francis Alexis QC


Sir Paul Scoon, former Governor-General Grenada, who has just passed away, was most outstandingly an example to all Grenadians.

Sir Paul rendered to Grenada a life of very distinguished service, as teacher, public officer and Governor-General.

Those who were fortunate to sit at the feet of Sir Paul when he was a Master at GBSS, as myself, owe an imeasurable debt of gratitude to Sir Paul. Not only as regards what Sir Paul imparted scholastically. But in wider education, especially as concerns caring for one’s fellow human beings.

Sir Paul, as Governor-General, found himself in circumstances in which necessity required him to exercise the executive authority of the State after 19 October 1983. Sir Paul rose to the occasion very admirably, shepherding Grenada back to full constitutionalism. That was an historic contribution by a Governor-General anywhere in the Commonwealth.

Sir Paul drew upon his special skills as an historian and a man of language to author what is clearly a classic, his autobiographical SURVIVAL FOR SERVICE. This enriches writings on Grenada.

Sir Paul at all times comported himself with honesty, dignity and probity; always standing for what is right.

The legacy of Sir Paul is, therefore, humanly rich; it will live on.

Let all, then, pray that God say to Sir Paul Scoon: Well done, thou good and faithful servant, rest in peace.

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