GUT comes to the aid of 30 students

One of the lucky recipients accepting her cheque

One of the lucky recipients accepting her cheque

The Grenada Co-operative Credit Union (GUT) celebrates its 30th Anniversary by awarding 30 Scholarships to first year students of the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

The students were selected after providing their financial needs, providing proof of CXC subject passes and submitting an essay outlining their goals for the future.

The scholarships were open to all students throughout the country, including non-members. The GUT Scholarship Fund was established last year, serving 10 students.

Chairman of the governing Board, Florina Thomas, informed recipients that they are special to the GUT.

She said that having served its members for three decades, the GUT believes that this is a special time for pivoting and changing the way they do good things, and doing it better.

She recalled that the credit union has been doing great things over the years but after 30 years of service, the movement is in the process of strategising to do things even better to achieve excellence.

Thomas encouraged the recipients to work towards excellence, but warned them that this will call for changes.

“You will need to look at yourself, look at what you were doing, see what you can do better, see if you can change, take a deep look at yourself and what you have been doing. It is a time for prioritising what is most important”, she said.

The GUT official reminded them that the higher the ladder to success gets so does the challenges.

She pointed out that whenever GUT can help, it is happy to do so.

“We are overjoyed in giving these scholarships for we know that in doing so we are participating in the development of our people, we are making a positive impact in the lives of individuals who are part of (the) family and (are) citizens of our beloved country”, she said.

According to Thomas, GUT is aware of the needs for the nation’s youth to make positive changes in their lives through education.

She urged the new college level students to see the scholarships as a significant contribution towards their development and be cognisant that the greater contribution must come from them.

“Too often in our country and other places we see people receiving assistance and not using it wisely. Please, use this assistance wisely, you will have to work hard, your success will not come as a result of receiving this scholarship, it will come as a result of your hard work”, she said.

The parents were not left alone as Thomas reminded them that they have a great role to play in encouraging, supporting and making tough decisions in the interest of their children.

She assured them that if they work hard they will see the fruits of their labour.

General Manager of GUT, Samuel Britton, said that the cheque issued to the students would assist in paying their fees.

“It is not automatic that you get another cheque next year, however we can work for another cheque next year”, he remarked.

Britton encouraged the recipients to do well, concentrate on their studies as a GPA of 3.0% can guarantee them another cheque for 2014.

“We are not rewarding you for failure, you understand. Do well and the credit union would be nice with another $30,000.00 next year once you continue to do well”, he added.


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