Wuss Ways was in Toronto

Wuss Ways performing in Canada

Wuss Ways performing in Canada

Coming from a truly successful Carnival Season in Grenada, LIME’s artistes Wuss Ways (Lil Natty & Thunder) were invited to Canada as guest acts for the 7th Annual Grenada Day Festival in Toronto.

The Grenada Day Festival is the largest annual summer celebration of the culture and people of the island of Grenada, and its sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique hosted in the diaspora.

The event is held in collaboration with the Consulate General of Grenada in Toronto and the festival has grown rapidly with crowds doubling every year.

The LIME endorsed duo made their debut at the festival and Canada giving a high energy, quality performance to the crowd.

The duo’s performance was described by Trisha Mitchell, one of the organisers as pulsating. The patrons waved flags, rags, dusted the air with powder and even occasional tree branch could be spotted as their signaled their readiness for the performance to come” explained Ms. Mitchell.

It was hard to believe that this was the duo’s debut appearance at the Festival, and their first visit to Toronto. They commanded the stage and the crowd present with a confidence that was astounding for folks so young, commented another patron.

The LIME endorsed duo performed in excess of 10 songs including a new release called ‘Decency’ carded for the 2014 season.

Since entering the soca scene, the popularity of their music has grown by leaps and bounds, quickly becoming known for their witty lyrics, infectious beats and high energy choruses.

The Toronto festival in the past saw performances by other LIME endorsed artistes and partners such as Tallpree, Ajamu and more.

LIME extends best wishes and congratulations to the duo as they continue to represent the LIME brand and carry Grenada’s culture to Grenadians residing outside of the country.

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