Uncertainty for classes at Mac Donald’s College

There is a strong likelihood that classes for Form 2 students of Mac Donald’s College at Marli, St. Patrick’s could be disrupted at the start of the new school year on Monday, September 2.

A high level official of the school informed THE NEW TODAY Newspaper earlier this week that the entire faculty of the school are fed up with the current state of the buildings that are used to house the students.

The plywood buildings that were erected as a temporary replacement following the passage of Hurricane Ivan almost nine years ago are described as being in a deplorable state.

This newspaper understands that the building is infested by fleas and visible holes can be seen throughout the structure.

The school official is adamant that at this stage, classes can no longer be held at the buildings.

“That is just a disaster waiting to happen , and we’re not really getting the support of the powers-that-be,” he said.

Last year, a teacher almost lost her arm when she came into contact with one of the windows while passing outside. She spent months in hospital being treated for the wound.

The deplorable state of the buildings was drawn to the attention of the Ministry of Education.

It is alleged that a team of Officials from the ministry headed by the Minister, Anthony Boatswain who is a past student of the school recently paid a site visit to the institution to obtain first-hand information on the status of the buildings.

According to the school official, although the ministry has agreed that the infrastructure is poor, it is reporting that they cannot demolish the buildings and create a replacement at the moment.

The official indicated that the Principal of the school, Lorain De Allie who has been briefing parents about the issue, recently received a letter from the Ministry of Education informing her that there is no money at the moment to replace the buildings.

“So we have decided we are not going to have classes there. It is unfair for the children, but we need some help”, he remarked.

Last Sunday, former Education and Human Resource Minister, Senator Franka Bernadine reported that the congregation of the Blessed Sacrament Church in Grand Anse, St. George’s was called upon by the Parish Priest to give a little extra in the collection box for repairs to be done to the roof of the Parish School.

Cash-strapped Grenada is struggling with a national debt of EC$2.3 billion and has signaled its intention to approach creditors for another restructuring of its debts.


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