Sen. Hood not happy with some lewd behaviour

The lewd behaviour of some who participated in Carnival events as well as soca and calypso artistes has come under sharp criticism.

Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for Culture in the Ministry of Tourism Civil Aviation & Culture, Brenda Hood, during a recent sitting of the Senate expressed her disappointment with the behaviour of some individuals.

“The revelers had a wonderful time, but Mr. President, as the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Culture, I had some reservations in terms of the vulgarity that was displayed over the season. I believe that this is something we need to pay attention to”, she told the Senate meeting.

“It is not part of our culture to be vulgar, I believe that you can have a good time, you can enjoy your self, and you don’t have to be vulgar”, she said.

The consumption of alcohol particularly by young females over the past year has also raised eyebrows, and was a source of concern for Minister with responsibility for Youths, Emmalin Pierre prior to Carnival.

Sen. Hood, a carnival reveler herself, reiterated these concerns.

“The use of alcohol in particular among our young women is of concern to me and I’m certain it’s of concern to many people, and I hope that this is something that we can address over the upcoming months so that you can have a good time, but not get yourself involved in too much alcohol so that you can display vulgar behaviour and the vulgar behaviour is not only the women but also the men”, she said.

Sen. Hood charged that “vulgar behaviour” was not only displayed by carnival revelers but by artistes during their performances on stage during shows.

“This is unbecoming and in particular when you have so many visitors visiting our shores and they’re seeing this sought of vulgarity displayed on the stage, because I don’t think this is acceptable and as the person responsible for culture, we would try to engage as many people as possible to make sure that is not acceptable”, she said,

“You can have a good time. I played in a band and I had a good time. It’s not that I’m a prune, the fact is that you can have a good time and not be vulgar”, she added.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Culture noted that the appointment of the new Board of Directors to serve on Spice Mas Corporation (SMC) only three months before the start of Spice Mas 2013 did not provide them with sufficient time for proper planning for the August festival.

However, Sen. Hood pointed out that the build up to Spice Mas was good with an increase in patrons to all shows, which translated in increased gate receipts.

She said that for the first time this year the sale on tickets online was introduced which eliminated leakage experienced in the past, and provided immediate record of sale of tickets and easy calculation at the conclusion of ticket sales.

She stated that as a result the initiative will continue over the next few years and would be used in any activities organized by SMC.

Sen. Hood said that from all indications the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) ensured an incident free Spice Mas 2013 and that the lawmen should be complimented for their vigilance and hard work.

The junior minister also commended the Conference of Churches for the positive messages publicised throughout the season and encouraged them to continue along those lines.

“It is the first time I have seen or heard the Council of Churches doing ads on the radio and I think that a lot of people listened and it did make an impact so I want to encourage them to continue to do this, and I don’t think that it should only be done at Carnival time”, she said.

“I believe that we need to promote positive behaviour throughout the year, throughout the length and breadth of the country,” she added.

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