73-year old Granny Arrested for Drugs

Police have nabbed a number of persons in the south of the island in recent days for their involvement in the illegal drug trade.

In a sting of operations that commenced two weeks ago, six people including a 73-year old woman of Woodlands, St. George’s have been charged with possession and trafficking in illegal drugs.

The 73-year old, Daphnie Griffith, along with Adrian Coutain 24, and Tillon Coutain who is 19 years old were the first set of people to be arrested and charged by Police Officers of South St. George, and the Drug Squad for illegal possession and trafficking of cannabis.

The trio were arrested on August 14 after 50 pounds of compressed marijuana together with seven wrapped portions were discovered at their home in Woodlands.

They were granted bail in the sum of $80,000.00 each, and are due to appear in court on October 3.

One week later, August 21, Police Officers attached to South St. George Police Station, and the Drug Squad arrested and charged another individual of Woodlands with possession and trafficking of crack cocaine.

Fifty-four year old Joseph Francis allegedly had in his possession 45 balls of crack cocaine.

A Police Official told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that Francis who was found with the drugs at Mont Toute, St. George’s claimed that “he was passing it out for someone.”

The street value of the illegal drugs was placed at $450.00.

The final arrest came last Sunday at Woburn, St. George’s when Edith Charles, 42 years old, and 20-year old Isa Charles were arrested and charged by members of the Drug Squad for having in their possession twenty-four and a quarter pounds of marijuana.

The illegal drugs, allegedly found at their Woburn home, has an estimated street value of $55,339.20.

They were placed on $20,000.00 bail with two sureties each, and are due to appear in court on September 23.


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