Strokes For Medical Student Robbers

Tony Hector and Jason Buchanan – to be flogged six times

Tony Hector and Jason Buchanan – to be flogged six times

Two young men who pleaded guilty to viciously robbing a Medical Student from St. George’s University (SGU) have been ordered to be whipped or to receive six strokes each by Her Worship, Magistrate Karen Noel on Monday.

Jason Buchanan and Tony Hector who were among a group of four men who attacked the Medical Student on the True Blue main road last week Friday and took away EC $1,300.00 and US $60.00 in cash along with a Samsung Cellular Phone valued $100.00.

The court was told that the Medical Student who is from California in the United States was returning to his apartment at True Blue at about 9:30 p.m. after visiting a restaurant in Grand Anse, St. George’s when he was attacked by the party of men.

The student who has been living in Grenada for just about one year had just dropped off from the SGU School Bus and was making his way home when he noticed someone who was speaking on a cellular phone walking in his direction.

The court was told that two other men approached him from the side and another two came from behind to form a cordon around the student.

The group of men surrounded the Medical Student and then began to punch him in the face, which resulted in the right side of his forehead being cut.

The student reportedly fell to the ground and which time one of the men removed his wallet that contained the Eastern Caribbean Currency while one of the other men took away the cellular phone.

THE NEW TODAY understand that the men then ran away from the scene.

The injured Medical Student was taken to the SGU Health Centre where he received medical attention.

The incident was immediately reported to SGU Security, and the following day, Saturday August 17 a formal report was made to South St. George Police Station from where Police Officers moved quickly into action to arrest both Buchanan and Hector.

The police were able to recover EC $720.00 and US $40.00, together with the cellular phone without the chip.

Both convicted men gave the police a statement about the part they played in the robbery.

Hector who is 35 years old said he was at home taking a rest when someone whose name was given as “Champ” and his girlfriend picked him up in a car.

They first went to downtown St. George’s before making their way to Grand Anse and onto True Blue.

On approaching the Banana’s Night Club, they admitted seeing the Medical Student and went after him. They confessed that the student had put up a struggle with them while they were taking away his possessions.

Hector told the police they shared up the stolen money among themselves and then everyone went their separate ways. He spoke of receiving $329.00 and the phone.

The 25-year old Buchanan who has four previous convictions of a similar nature said he met his accomplice and two other men on Church Street, St. George’s.

They went over to the Carenage and took a bus for Grand Anse. The men then went to Calliste using a by-road that leads to Banana’s Night Club.

He told the police while there Hector told him they would “eat ah food” which the court was told meant that they will rob someone.

While being there they saw a “White Guy” walking and they stopped him to see what he had in his possession.

The convicted man said the Medical Student put up a resistance and they had a scuffle, and in the process they took away his wallet and the cellular phone, and went off to Dusty Highway.

Buchanan claimed he received $470.00 including US$20.00.

Both men spoke of being remorseful over their actions with Buchanan admitting to the court that crime is not working out for him,

According to Hector, he was sorry and felt it for the Medical Student even after he did the crime.

Apart from being flogged, both of the convicted men were fined $2,500.00 each by Magistrate Noel to be paid in three months and in default serve four years at the Richmond Hill Prisons.

The convicted men were each ordered to pay compensation to the Medical Student in the sum of $1,000.00 within one month, failing which they will be committed to prison for the next four years.

However, the Medical Student expressed dissatisfaction over the judgement handed down by the magistrate since he would have liked to see his attackers taken off the streets.

He claimed that his wallet, which was taken away by the men had inside it, his debit card and that there was an unauthorized transaction made from it of US$50.00.


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