Retroactive payments to teachers and public offers and new salaries for police officers

The Government of Grenada wishes to advise that the payment of retroactive pay (backpay) to teachers and public officers for the year 2009 will be made on August 30, 2013.

It may be recalled that Government sought and obtained the cooperation of the Public Workers Union, the Grenada Union of Teachers, the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers Union, the Bank and General Workers Union and the Grenada Manual, Maritime and Intellectual Workers Union to revise the schedule for the retroactive payments to teachers and other public officers for the period: 2009-2012.

This payment at end of August will be the first of four retroactive payments and which Government has committed to honour. In keeping with this obligation, the Ministry of Finance endeavoured to put the machinery in place to facilitate payment as early as possible within the month of August. However, given the magnitude of the task, more time is needed to satisfy the administrative requirements for effecting the payments. Most of the requisite paysheets have now been received by the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry staff have been working assiduously (including over the Carnival weekend) to complete the administrative preparations required. This effort continues. Consequently, the date for disbursement is August 30.

According to the schedule, the next payment will be made at the end of November 2013 while the third and fourth payments will be made in 2014.

It may be recalled that Government commenced payment of the new salaries to public officers, teachers and prison officers at the end of May 2013. These new salaries are based on salary negotiations for the period 2009-2012.

Government also wishes to advise that Police Officers will receive their new salaries from the end of August 2013. This action follows the recent conclusion of discussions with the Police Welfare Association and representatives of the Gazetted Officers Association for salary increases for the period 2010-2012. Retroactive payment for the Police will commence in November 2013 and will follow the same schedule as teachers and public officers.

The Government of Grenada expresses its appreciation to the unions and their members for their cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Finally, Government affirms its commitment to meet all obligations to Public Officers, Teachers, Prison Officers and Police Officers, as negotiated.

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