Retired Farmer seeking compensation

Morris Redhead – seeking compensation for damaged house

Morris Redhead – seeking compensation for damaged house

An 80-year old retired farmer is crying out for justice after the roof of a house that he erected at Perdmontemps, St. David’s was removed by unknown persons.

Morris Redhead who is house-bound and uses a wheel chair to get around inside of a downstairs apartment in St. Paul’s told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper he had built two wooden houses on a parcel of land where he was farming before he got sick on August 17, 2011.

Redhead said after he fell sick a lady by the name of Sharon Thompson who was assisting him on the farm and now cares for him continued living in one of the houses. The other house was already in a dilapidated state.

He said Thompson reported to him that on June 18 when she was returning to the house, she was informed that the roof had been removed.

The retired farmer said no one had consulted or informed him about removing the house from the property.

Redhead said he started farming on the plot of land after he was advised by a woman who resides at Tempe, St. George’s that the entire area at Perdmontemps belonged to her.

He spoke of discovering at a later stage that the parcel of land actually belonged to one Jillian Glean who resides in Jamaica when a surveyor by the name of Dominic Marcel came to survey the lands in the area just after the passage of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

The retired farmer claimed that he paid the woman a one-off payment of $500.00 to occupy the spot and to do his farming.

According to Redhead, a couple days after his encounter with Marcel, the surveyor returned with the Glean lady who is seemingly the rightful owner of the land.

Redhead said he got permission from them to remain on the land to continue with his farming until they advise him otherwise.

He stated that he visited the Supreme Court Registry and discovered that indeed the woman who originally gave the permission had no land in the area where he was farming.

Redhead is now seeking to get back the $500.00 that he paid the woman, and also wants compensation for the damage done to the house, as well as all of his furniture and articles in the house since they have been damaged.


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