The Dutch Lady milk promotion

The Hubbard’s/Friesland Dutch Lady milk promotion was launched on Tuesday with one added initiative – a “Back Pack” competition, which will include a poetry component.

The Back Pack initiative will give 7 to 11 years old students an opportunity to create advertisements to promote Dutch Lady products.

The theme for the Poetry competition is “The Glass of Milk.”

Promoters say that the new initiative is expected to inspire students to think outside the box and develop innovative ideas and thoughts on the subject.

The promotion, which is into its third year, involves Friesland Campiga Export, producer of the milk along with its local agent, Hubbards, and the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.

Curriculum Development Officer, Home Economics in the Ministry of Education, Pamela Courtney said that the Secondary Schools Dutch Lady Milk Culinary Competition, which began in 2011 remains on their list of activities as it seeks to attract students at the forms four and five levels who do Food and Nutrition to build awareness of the ‘Dutch Lady’ Milk and to enhance students’ preparedness for the CXC Home Economic Examination.

Courtney explained that all participating schools are required to select a team of two students and that the participants will be given food items in a “mystery” basket, which they must use in the preparation of their dishes.

The competition is organised in two rounds, the first being a semi-final with all schools and then a final round comprising all selected schools.

In addition, the participants will compete in the following categories – Dessert, Main Dish with a Starchy accompaniment, and Entrée; and are required to make use of the Dutch lady milk (as the main sponsor) in all their products.

The criteria for judging are: creative use of ingredients, hygiene, taste and texture of dishes, technical skills, and presentation.

The competition takes place October 7-10.

The annual Essay competition, which will be held for the third year, remains as a key aspect of the promotion.

This year’s topic for the essay competition is, “You have been given the job as the advertising manager, write a descriptive analysis of how you would convince people to use your product.”

According to the Manager of Hubbards’ Agency Department, Margaret Roberts, students participating in the annual essay competition not only develop good penmanship and proper research skills but also an awareness of the use of milk as a product for growth and development as well as build their knowledge in nutrition.

Roberts reported that last year’s competition saw an increase of 60% in Schools participation and 75% increase in students’ participation in the Essay competition.

The essay should be between 350 and 400 words for students of primary schools and 500 and 600 words for those at the secondary level.

One requirement is that every entry must be accompanied with proof of purchase of any size of Dutch Lady Milk product.

Essays will be judged on health facts, content, grammar, clarity, paragraph, sequence and legibility.

The entire promotion runs from August 22 to the end of November.


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