Canada’s position of sale of Grenada passports

Full diplomatic relations with Grenada started when the country gained independence in 1974. Canada is represented in Grenada by the Canadian High Commission in Bridgetown (Barbados).

Canada has long enjoyed a close relationship with countries of the Caribbean such as Grenada. This is due to its significant Caribbean diaspora, commercial links, and a long history of Canadian aid and support for the region. Canadian exports to Grenada include pork meat, dairy products, fish, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, tires and wood.

Outside of the British Commonwealth, cooperation is frequent within the United Nations and the Organisation of American States. Grenada has signed and ratified the Landmines Convention and supported Canada’s 1999-2000 election at the United Nations Security Council.

Canada, through the Military Training Assistance Program and the Regional Security System, has provided training to the Grenada civil service. In the context of Cricket World Cup 2007, Canada provided Grenada and other Caribbean countries with specialized assistance in the areas of border security and public health.

Visitor visa restrictions were imposed on Grenada in December 2001, after increasing concerns with its Economic Citizenship Program. This program has since been suspended indefinitely. Canada’s consistent view remains that, unless citizenships sold under the program are rescinded, it is impossible to sort out which potential visitors to Canada from Grenada are legitimate citizens, and which purchased their status.


(The above appeared on the website of the Canadian government dated July 2013)

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