Victory for Dimension in Silver Anniversary

Coyaba New Dimension supporters celebrate with trophy

Coyaba New Dimension supporters celebrate with trophy

The pan fraternity of Coyaba New Dimension, which is in its twenty-fifth year of existence, is in a celebratory mood.

The celebration took on added significance after the band, which is located in the City, came out of the Carnival Season winning two titles in the steel band competitions.

Coyaba New Dimension first won the Bomb Tune that took place last month, and then went on to capture the National Panorama Championship, to extend its stranglehold on the title to ten wins.

The band that was formed in 1988 placed second in the Junior Panorama Championship.

An elated Band Manager and Arranger, David “Peck” Edwards told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that having two victories out of the three steel band competitions during their Silver Anniversary is very significant for them.

“Twenty-five years mark a milestone… and we were almost able to register a clean sweep. We placed second in the junior competition but the band was really good so we are really proud of our achievement. We had ten victories in that 25 years, eight second position, two thirds so we got our fair share of success,” he said.

According to the ace steel band player, New Dimension’s achievements and what has happened this season for the band only serves to cement what it had set out to do from the beginning.

Edwards said when the band was formed, the intention was to create a “new dimension” for pan in Grenada and to encourage and foster in young people pride, discipline and good values which have stood out for the band over the years.

He admitted that since the band did not perform well in 2011, they have not been taking things for granted and efforts went into ensuring that they could once again regain pride by winning the title in 2012.

The New Dimension Manager said for 2013 the preparation begun from April for the senior competition.

He said although it was very challenging for the members, many of whom are students, early preparation and hard work paid off in the end.

“We were never complacent, we never felt over-confident that we must win, but we knew that we had to go there and do our best so we just went out there and really worked hard to achieve that level (of success),” he said.

Edwards was satisfied with the level of commitment shown by his players, some of whom played for the first time at the senior level this season.

He said they made tremendous commitment and sacrifices in preparing for three competitions over an eight-week period.

Coyaba New Dimension was the final band that took to the stage for judging on Panorama night on Saturday.

Edwards said playing last had both its advantages and disadvantages, pointing out that in position nine, they did not have to rush to put up their decorations, and it provided them with an opportunity to keep revising the notes.

However, he stated that their biggest concern was the fact that there were so many young people in the band who spoke of being tired given the length of the season.

Although the activity to celebrate the Silver Jubilee is still being looked at, the management of the band is giving thought to the celebration taking the form of an emulation exercise.

Edwards indicated that while there may be as many as 80 persons on stage with the band, the New Dimensions organisation is much bigger than that number of people.

“It is a real team work so we know we have to reward people and emulate people over those years,” he said.

Coyaba New Dimension won its first Panorama title in 1988, followed by other victories in 1989, 1992, 1995, 1996, 2002, 2003, 2009, 2012 and 2013.


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