Sheldon Douglas lands recording contract

Sheldon Douglas hope to take groovy music to the international market

Sheldon Douglas hope to take groovy music to the international market

After more than a decade in the soca and calypso arena, Windsor Forest resident Sheldon Douglas is taking his career to a different level.

During his performance in the LIME/SMC Soca Monarch competition last week Friday night at the National Stadium, the well-known entertainer announced that his performance in both the Groovy and Soca Monarch competitions would be the last for him on the local big stage

Sheldon Douglas told the gathering of thousands who assembled for the festive events that a recording deal has been signed by him with an outfit in Europe and that is responsible for his decision to bow away from the local competitions.

In an interview with reporters immediately following his performance on stage, the entertainer told the media that the recording deal will see him concentrate solely on groovy music.

According to Sheldon, under the deal arrived at, his songs will be marketed and sold on the international market and in accordance with his contractual obligations he would not be allowed to engage in soca songs.

He said the recording deal with an European Underground Label company is for one-year in the first instance and was hopeful that it would be a success so that he will be granted another contract after the end of the first album.

“That deal will be only about participating in groove music, because that is part of the agreement, so while I’m still on that (contract), I won’t be doing no jump and wave songs. It’s just a one album deal so after that I guess if they make money if they satisfied then they would continue back with the deal, but all for now it will just be one album deal,” he added.

Sheldon Douglas who is one of the soca artiste linked to the governing New National Party (NNP) was crowned as the Soca Monarch winner in 1999, 2001 and 2002.

In 2010, he made his first appearance into the calypso arena and secured the third position defeating many of the veterans in the national competition.

Sheldon told reporters he believes that he has made his contribution to the artform an it was time to move to a different level.

“I would say I made my contribution, I consider it a relay … I feel I did my leg, I made my contribution and it has to continue, I’m not saying I’m done with, for now, as long as this (the contract) goes on like that I’m through, but I love it, it’s a stage I love, I enjoy it all the time, I always like being a part of it and you never (know) what go happen down the road,” he said.

Sheldon Douglas stressed that the baton is now being handed down to the young artistes who are now emerging and he is very impressed with them.

He said that the energetic performances of the upcoming artistes reminded him of himself when he first entered the arena over a decade ago.

“They remind me of myself, back in the day, they very talented, I admire a lot of them,” he told the media.

Sheldon’s performances of “Ah Playing ah mas” and “Gettoner” on Friday night landed him in the fifth positions (366 points) in the Groovy competition and seventh (330 points) in the Soca Monarch category.

Sheldon gave his final performance for the season on Dimanche Gras night (Sunday) at the National Stadium where he placed fourth with a total of 815 points in the national calypso monarch competition that was won by Ketura George.


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