Resigned Woman Police Exposes another Senior Officer

The building on the Carenage that houses the Central Division where the former female police officer was allegedly locked in an office by a senior officer who was making sexual advances

The building on the Carenage that houses the Central Division where the former female police officer was allegedly locked in an office by a senior officer who was making sexual advances

A woman who resigned three months ago from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has accused a second senior police officer of trying to force her to have sex with him in his office at Central Police Station on the Carenage in St. George’s.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, the former Woman Police Constable who alleged that she was raped by another senior cop said that she had submitted a report to the current Acting Commissioner of Police, Winston James about the incident at the Central division.

According to the WPC who is from one of the poorer parishes on the island, she told Mr. James in the report “every thing that happened” when the officer asked her to bring the Station Diary into his office and then attempted to hold her down to have sexual intercourse.

She described the officer whose name was given to the newspaper as a known womaniser within the police force.

“This one (officer name withheld) now, like he has a rabies for women maybe. That is the best way I could put it. “He is like a stalker, he never gives up”, she said.

“I used to see this man, I was always respectful of him. None of the officers could ever say that I disrespected them. He (Senior Police Officer) used to be always stalking me. If after work, I dress (after) I take off my uniform from upstairs and I put on my normal clothes to go out, he is always around the Charge Room to watch me or to see me pass or to see who I will be talking to or see when I going to get the bus (to go home) or something”, she added.

The retired WPC accused the senior police officer of constantly barraging her to enter into a clandestine personal relationship with him even though she had her own personal boyfriend.

“…It had another time that he called me in his office and he say, “Miss (name of WPC withheld) … I like you, I find you are a real nice girl and ah was pleasant and I think we should work something out. You know we can have a little something, nobody don’t have to know, we just have to keep it on a low”, she quoted the officer as saying to her.

“I tell Mr…. (name withheld) plain out, Mr…. I don’t have time for that, I have a boyfriend and right now, it doesn’t look like things go work out between me and the guy because somebody (in the force) go and tell him that I dey with Mr…. (name withheld)….. and that is the Police Force, if they see you talk to somebody once, twice, three times, you taking the person”, she said.

The former WPC pointed out that “this particular” senior police officer would use every opportunity to call her into his office when she was working on the Station Diary in order to put forward his case for them to enter into a personal relationship.

“Mr… (name withheld) always wanted a relationship between me and him and he didn’t like the fact that I had turned down the offer. I told him that I can’t take on this kind of thing…. ah don’t want this kind of thing, ah can’t do that. I guess he wasn’t pleased when I told him that. Ah just don’t go to them Officer’s office just like that. I just don’t show up like that… unless if they call me or something”, she said.

The resigned WPC gave a graphic description of the particular instance in the office when the senior police officer lost control of himself and held onto her.

“…I was on diary and the man (senior officer) called me in his office again and tell me he wants to see the Diary. Every time he doing that (making sexual advances) is either he wants to see the diary or the latest Circular that came out of Headquarters (on the fort) or something like that.

“He always want to see something because he wants me to come in his office. It is obvious, if I go to his office with the Diary which means I would have to wait to get the Diary because it is the Diary what I am using to write, and most of the times I could just leave him with it and go back to the Charge Room but in instances, he will tell me don’t go, to wait for it.

“The last incident that happen (between us is) when the man call me in his office, he write in the Diary, he looked through it for about two minutes and he write something in it for about two minutes again. When he finish now and just to hand me the Diary for me to go….Mr. Man, he don’t just sit down and hand me the Diary, he got up from his chair and he was like bringing the Diary to me.

“But when he reach close to me now, he rest down the Diary on the desk. So I was like what you doing because when he rest down the Diary on the desk, he passed me, he locked the door and after he locked the door, he turn, he hold me, he put his two hands around me, embrace me like he don’t want to let go and he tell me, “….Oh Miss (name withheld) you know how I feel about you … you don’t know, ah really like you and ah interested and thing.

“While he was doing that ah trying to unstick his hands from behind my back. He embraced me and don’t want to let go. When he do that at the same time, he was like loving me up, kissing me up and thing. He was kissing my neck and touching up my breast, touching up my body, trying to arouse me.

According to the resigned female police officer, she was taken aback that she could not scream out.

“…Ah trying to save the embarrassment for myself. His office is right there, the door is right there and I trying to tell him stop. Ah say, Mr…. (name withheld) you can’t do that, what you doing, you can’t do that. So when he dey loving me up and kissing my neck and touching up my breast and playing up with my neck…. at the same time his penis was getting hard on him. So when he doing that now, at the same time ah telling him stop…. ah trying to unloose his hands. You know he is a man and you know men generally stronger than women.

“Ah say what you doing is wrong, ah say why you doing that?. He say, “Don’t worry and he trying to talk me into it. He said, “You know how ah feel about you, long ah tell you ah have feelings for you. So when he trying to talk (me into doing it), , he say, “Look how ah feeling for you, look how… look what you cause, look what you cause”.

“So when he say, look what you cause, ah turn and ah say, “ What it is that I cause? At the same time, when ah trying to get loos from him, he kind of let me go and I walk away.

According to the WPC, the senior officer kept saying: “Look what you cause Miss …. (name withheld) Ah say what ah cause? Would you believe that the man’s penis was up and it couldn’t go down.

“So ah say, “Mr… (name withheld) that is wrong. Ah say why you did that? Ah say, you told me that you wanted to see the Diary and if anybody see ah coming out here now and I thank God because I was praying to God that when the man release me, I would not see a soul in the Charge Room because people done have their suspicions already.

“If they see ah go in his office, they say that ah dey with the man but it is basically work. Ah just don’t stay so and go in Mr…. (name withheld) office. It is either he wants the Diary…. and I can’t tell him no. That is my boss, I can’t say no or either why you don’t come and get it for yourself, I can’t tell the man that.

The former WPC stated that this particular incident at the Central Police Station on the Carenage was documented by her “and I put that in my report to Mr. James, I put everything in writing for the present Commissioner of Police”.

As to why she did not bring the sexual harrassment meted out to her by at least three senior police officer before to the attention of the Police High Command, she said, “I didn’t know what to do so I kind of keep it to myself”.


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