Former Prime Minister clears the air

Former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has sought to set the record straight on a parcel of land that was sold to his government for use by the University of the West Indies (UWI) for a local campus.

Thomas who appeared on the NDC Heartbeat Programme said the purchase of the land was above board.

He told the host of the programme his government engaged the owners of the property whom he identified as being “Spring Valley Corporation” to buy the lands for the UWI Campus at Hope, St. Andrew’s.

“Anybody could check the record, an evaluation was done. There is nothing shady, nobody could point out any shady dealings there,” he said.

The former Prime Minister indicated that every decision that was made by his four-and-a-half year government was made in the national interest.

He spoke of a UWI Campus being beneficial to Grenada, and believes that if the current New National Party (NNP) Government fails to continue with the project it will be a set back for the country.

“Grenada needs a Campus of the University of the West Indies, and Hope, I think is an ideal place for this,” he said.

“An educational Institution in the St. Andrew’s area like a University Campus will be a great thing for Grenada,” he added.

During the recent sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell charged that some Members of the Cabinet of Ministers engaged in inappropriate behaviour with the sale of the land to UWI.

Without calling names, Dr. Mitchell who was at the time making his contribution to the debate in the House on the Public Integrity Bill told the Lower House of Parliament that Members of Cabinet had formed a Corporation and then went ahead and purchased some lands in Hope and turned around and sold it to government at inflated prices for use of the UWI Campus.

“They (the Members of Cabinet) sat there and know that a project was coming through, that the government has to buy some land, they sit in the Cabinet, Mr. Speaker, and these are the nice, honest, accountable, decent people, they sit in the Cabinet and proceed, knowing what the Cabinet has to do, to run ahead with a group and buy the land and sell it back to government for millions of dollars of profit,” he charged.

THE NEW TODAY spoke with a member of the co-operative who scoffed at the remarks made by Prime Minister Mitchell.

The individual stressed that a check of the records will reveal that the lands were purchased by members of the co-operative back in the 1990’s and that Dr. Mitchell as a Member of Parliament back then should have known about the transaction.



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