Plea for youths to behave themselves this carnival

Youth minister cautions the nation youths

Youth minister cautions the nation youths

Spice Mas 2K13 swings into full gear this weekend and Minister with responsibility for Youth, Emmalin Pierre is warning young people to be careful.

Addressing the media on Wednesday morning, the senior government minister said that she has been observing the behaviour of young people as the Carnival season swings into full gear and is extremely concerned with what has been seen so far.

Minister Pierre told the media that she is concerned with the level of alcohol being consumed by young people during entertainment activities as well as their behaviour at some of the events.

She made a plea for the young people to “stay far from trouble, you don’t have to use alcohol to have fun”.

Using the words from veteran calypsonian Elwin “Black Wizard” McQuilkin “When the Carnival Over”, Minister Pierre urged the nation’s youth to have fun but to behave themselves in a respectable manner.

She reminded the youngsters that after the Carnival is over they have their lives to live, many have their jobs to return to, and thousands have to return to the classrooms.

According to the female government minister, the nation’s youth have to realise that they have reached the age where they should know the difference between right and wrong and therefore knows what should be acceptable behaviour.

She is also encouraging parents to be good role models to their children as the excitement builds up for major shows carded for this weekend.

It is known that during the carnival season some parents leave their children unsupervised to attend shows.

Minister Pierre believes that while parents should take the lead in providing the guidance and ensure the safety of their children, the onus is also on teenagers in particular to exercise good judgment and make sound decisions.

She said there is nothing wrong in the youngsters attending events but they need to understand the importance of being safe and respectful to themselves and others.

Grenada’s 2013 carnival seasons moves into top gear tonight (Friday) with the soca and groovy finals at the national stadium, followed by Panorama on Saturday night and the crowning of the calypso monarch on Sunday night.

These events will be followed by j’ouvert on Monday and Monday night mas and then the parade of the bands on Tuesday and the “last lap” on the streets of St. George’s.


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