Boyzie reigned on Friday night

"Blaka Dan" - "Whole Day we Jamming"

“Blaka Dan” – “Whole Day we Jamming”

Two of Grenada’s youngest soca artistes walked away with the coveted crowns during the LIME/SMC Groovy and Soca Monarch competitions that ended in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Jalon “Boyzie” Olive delivered “Mass Everywhere” with originality and creativity to capture the title of 2013 LIME/SMC Soca Monarch while Wrenroy “Blaka Dan” Ogiste with his presentation and performance of “Whole Day we Jamming” secured the LIME/SMC Groovy Soca Monarch title.

Captain “Boyzie”, dressed as a pilot, came onto the stage in a makeshift plane.

He also utilized as part of his performance the “Grenada Discovery Train” which is used to take visitors to the island on sightseeing trips.

“Boyzie” secured the crown with 419 points with a performance that many felt was second to none.

With full respect to the likes of veterans such as Elimus “Inspector” Gilbert and his former school teacher Finley “Scholar” Jeffrey, “Boyzie”, extended respect for those who paved the road for artistes like himself, but did not hesitate to urge the seniors to stay and wait their turn for the crown.

"Boyzie" delivered for 2013

“Boyzie” delivered for 2013

After being declared the winner of the competition by the judges, the new soca monarch expressed thanks to his fans and extolled his belief in Jesus Christ for being responsible for his success.

Boyzie threw himself bodily onto the stage after the official announcement and lay still as he digested the news.

He later told the media he feels excited about the victory.

“Inspector” with “Way the veteran” was beaten into second position (402 points) followed by Jevaungh “Lil Vaughn” and “Little Natty and Thunder” with 368 points each.

In the Groovy Soca category, an energetic by “Blaka Dan” who copped 430 points ensured that he lived up to expectation and take away the crown from defending champion Finbar “Shortpree” Andrew.

The title defender who performed, “Plain Talk Bad Manners” mustered 398 points to settle in third position.

Considered as the man to beat on the big night, “Blaka Dan” did not disappoint the huge crowd as he delivered what has been termed another brilliant performance by spectators.

This year’s Groovy Soca songs is said to be among the best in recent years.

The over 2-hour late start resulted in the competitions concluding after five o’clock on Saturday morning.

Dubbed as the festival’s biggest revenue earner, a crowd in excess of five thousand flocked the national sporting stadium at Queen’s Park to gyrate and give full support to their favourite performers.

The official results for both shows are as follows:


LIME/SMC Groovy Soca Monarch:


(1) Wrenroy “Blaka Dan” Ogiste 430;

(2) Findley “Scholar” Jeffery 405;

(3) Finber “Shortpree” Andrews 398;

(4) Elwin “Elo” Mark 370;

(5) Sheldon Douglas 366;

(6) Clint “Super Flying Flint” John 363;

(7) Kelvin “Otis” Celestine 357;

(8) Randy Isaac 356;

(9) Jerry “Papa Jerry” Baptiste 348;

(10) Valene “Valene” Nedd 330


LIME/SMC Soca Monarch:


(1). Jalon “Boyzie”” Olive 419;

(2)Elimus “Inspector” Gilbert 402;

(3). Jevaungh “Lil Vaughn” John 368 & Digaan Henry & Nyelon Williams “Lil Natty & Thunda” (368)

(5) Shem “Terror Kid” Bernard 343;

(6) Randy Isaac 333;

(7) Sheldon Douglas 330;

(8) Kelon & Kelson Ogiste “Luni Spark & Electrify” 326;

(9) Findley “Scholar” Jeffery 322 & Kevin “Otis ” Celestine 322;

(11). Laura “Laura Lisa ” Richardson 308; Nekoyan “Nekoyan” Bain 308; and Kennedy “Kennedy” Mapp 308;

(14). Gordon “Soca Banton” Agard 298;

(15) Dave “Boogie B” Peters 287;

(16). Asim “Sylum” Bernard 285.

Boyzie reigned on Friday night

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