King Scholar is ready

Defending Calypso Monarch, Scholar – I will savagely do my thing

Defending Calypso Monarch, Scholar – I will savagely do my thing

Grenada’s reigning Calypso Monarch, Findlay Jeffrey who goes by the stage name “Scholar” is ready to defend the title he won for the seventh time last year despite being aware of moves by some of his fellow artistes to prevent him from winning on Sunday night.

Scholar who is a secondary school teacher by profession told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper he has taken note of the comments coming out of certain quarters about the need to end his reign.

“I know that the odds are high. I have had the uneasiness in me, I’ve heard people, relevant people in the calypso fraternity, they have a watchword now ‘that is our time,’ and they will do anything to manipulate the judging system because as far as they are concerned, their belief is that we had a time and when it was my time, I manipulated the judging system together with Neil Ferguson,” he said.

Ferguson who is from Chantimelle, St. Patrick’s is one of the persons who assist Scholar with his props on stage.

Ferguson is also a prolific songwriter and recognized as one of the best in the country.

Radio Announcer, Foopy – challenging the King for the title

Radio Announcer, Foopy – challenging the King for the title

The defending Calypso Monarch believes that the attacks being launched on him is due to the fact that he was able to cop the coveted title seven times – the same as King Ajamu, the only two artistes to have achieved that feat.

Scholar attributes his success to his artistry in being able to compose “good songs,” unlike most of his competitors who are now attacking him.

“They are not looking into themselves and writing and producing good songs. They would think that it is not because of their failing, but it is some other external factor,” he said.

According to the defending monarch, he has received information that one of the finalists at Sunday’s Dimanche Gras Show has allegedly gone forward to present a list of judges to the Spicemas Corporation that is headed by Arthur Hosten, a known operative of the ruling New National Party (NNP) Government.

In addition, he said there are also some finalists who are seeking to have foreign judges brought in to judge the local calypso competition.

In the preliminary stage of the competition, two Trinidadians were among the panel of judges.

The defending Monarch has confessed that his fellow artistes are pushing him to the limit.

Carriacou Calypsonian Nashanda – one of the two women in the final

Carriacou Calypsonian Nashanda – one of the two women in the final

“Any time my back is against the wall as they are pushing me, then this is when I am at my most dangerous. I will go into Dimanche Gras and I’ll do my thing, savagely do my thing, savagely put it down,” he said.

Scholar stressed that the moves being made to try and prevent him from capturing the monarch title is nothing new to him.

He recalled that in 2007 foreign judges were brought in to judge the calypso competition and he was able to rise above that and win the crown.

The seven times Calypso Monarch said he is not bothered about the moves being against him, as he has nothing to prove in calypso any more.

He noted that he could proudly stand and say that he is the only Calypsonian to have won the Calypso Monarch Title when Grenadians did not judge the competition.

Scholar will be presenting the songs, “Invoke” and “Cannot Deliver” in the Dimanche Gras show as he seeks to be a part of history in winning the title for an unprecedented eight times.

Scholar is also in the final of the Groovy Competition, which he won on a previous occasion, as well as the National Soca Monarch, which takes place tonight (Friday, August 9).

The defending kaiso monarch said that his decision to take part in the two other competitions is aimed at showcasing the full range of his versatility.

“It’s vintage Scholar in 2013, it’s versatile Scholar in 2013. It is not the Calypsonian Scholar, but the soca and the groovy artist Scholar,” he quipped.

The other finalists in the calypso monarch competition on Sunday night are Sheldon Douglas, Rootsman Kelly, Pappa Jerry, Randy Isaac, Smallies,

Foopy, Sour Serpent, and the two ladies – Nashanda, and Ketura.


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