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King of the Band, Flashback

King of the Band, Flashback

The spectacle of Spicemas 2013 was showcased last week Saturday as the nation’s children had their time in the annual national cultural activity through the Children’s Carnival Frolic (CCF).

The true aspect of everything relating to Carnival came alive as the various categories were on display through pan, mas and calypso.

Six of the nine local steel bands, which played locally, composed songs presented their junior sides whose ages range between 6 and 19 years, which ensured that the Caribbean’s gift to the world remains alive.

Three of the steel bands came from the Parish of St. John’s, while the other three are from St. George’s.

Although many patrons did not witness their presentations, the junior pan players were very energetic and conscious of their delivery.

For yet another year, the Junior Panorama Championship that was sponsored by the National Lotteries Authority was sealed by Republic Bank Angel Harps for the eighth time.

The Junior Harpers who played “Sweetness” by King Ajamu, which was arranged for pan by Andre Skeete, edged out Coyaba New Dimensions by a mere two points. They scored 280 points.

The band, which was the biggest in the competition, had 87 members and 170 pieces of instrument.

New Dimensions, which took to the stage in position number five with 72 players and 142 pieces of instrument presented Mario Castle’s version of “August Is The Time” as they scored 278 points.

Coyaba New Dimensions had already won the first title of the season, the Bomb Tune. The band last won the junior title in 2004.

The third position was taken by Lime Commancheros from St. Paul’s with 257 points. They played “Love Thy Neigbour” by King Ajamu.

Digicel Florida All Stars played, “Green Carnival” by Flying Cloud, and had to settle for the fourth position with 237 points.

Coast Guard Youth Shortknees

Coast Guard Youth Shortknees

In fifth position with 230 points was Island Catering Grand Roy Pan Angels, which played Wizard’s “Pan Man.”

Huggins Pan Ossia which is out of Gouyave, St. John’s and was the first to take to stage with its song, “Do You want to Party,” by Mr. Killa had to settle for the sixth position with 224 points.

The bands were judged on arrangement – 40 points, general performance – 40 points, tone – 10 points, and rhythm – 10 points.

A display of ancestry, artistry and creativity came alive as the various mas bands, both traditional and fancy paraded through the streets of St. George’s making their way to the Grenada National Stadium under brilliant sunshine.

In the traditional mas band category, there were seven bands showcasing the ancestral nature of the carnival.

The mas included the maypole dancers, vie couer, wild Indian, and shortknee.

Two individuals who were not attached to a band treated the patrons with their display of the jab jab.

In first position in the traditional mas with 505 points was Demonic Angels, followed by Coast Guard Youth with 463, while St. John’s Waterloo Shortknee took the third spot with 453 points.

Legends Mas Band, which scored 432 points, took the fourth position, and Red Rose Wild Indian took the fifth spot with 409 points.

Hermitage Shortknee with 246 was in the sixth position, while Telescope Apache occupied the seventh spot with 211 points.

Six bands showcased their creativity in the fancy mas section.

Helen Marie and Associates with a presentation of “The Marching Band” walked away with the top position with 529 points.

In second place was Commancheros and Associates, which scored 517 points with their Fun and Games presentation.

Eskate and Associates, with a presentation of Fairies, secured 467 points to occupy the third spot while the fourth position with 450 points went to Lazarus Antoine and Associates.

Spices Dance Theatre (425 ) ended up in the fifth position, while the sixth position was occupied by Marie Kirton and Associates with 366 points.

Jaime Stewart was crowned as King of the Band, while Britney Bowen took away the title for the second consecutive year as Queen of the Band.

Another aspect of the CCF was the Junior Calypso Monarch Competition, which stunned patrons.

The 11 Calypsonians, three of which are children of seasoned Calypsonins touched on the social issues that are facing the country.

The 2013 Junior Calypso Monarch Title went to Filandi “Stunner” Jeffrey, the son of the reigning Calypso Monarch, Scholar.

Stunner got everyone’s attention with his song, “Big,” which looked at ways in which men who claim to be big engage in distasteful acts. He tallied 241 points.

Patrons knew that a high level of calypso was in the making when Alana Boca who opened the show with her song, “I Can’t Go Back,” had everyone listening attentively to her lyrics.

She placed second with 235 points. The third position with a score of 232 was awarded to Joliba Regis.

Nathan J, the son of Calypsonian Croquetta could not hold onto the title he won last year with his famous “Facebook.”

The Presentation Brothers College Student who placed fourth with 221 points with his presentation of “Looks Could Be Deceiving” was advising a young lady against getting involved with marijuana.

Kate Richards took the fifth position with a score of 201 points, while Akel Charles placed sixth with a score of 194 points.

Three Calypsonians tied for the seventh position, each scoring 190 points. They are Jeloni Flemming, Lorenzo John, and Kadisha Mohan.

Kevon Morain with 185 points finished eighth and bringing up the rear was Heidi (155 points) who fell short of completing her song, “Climate Change.”

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