CCF winners speak out

The Children’s Carnival Frolic was able to attract the best of the juniors in the Calypso artform.

However, at the end of the competition, which was sponsored by Ribena, the son of the seven times National Calypso Monarch, Findlay “Scholar” Jeffrey was judged as the 2013 Junior Calypso monarch.

Filandi Jeffrey who has adopted the stage name, “Stunner” scored 241 points to dethrone the 2012 Junior Monarch,, Nathan J who finished in the fourth position.

Speaking to reporters after the victory, Stunner said he was feeling very excited and happy over the success although he had mixed feelings about the competition.

The 15-year old Mac Donald College Student said he just felt the inspiration to sing and he brought it to his father’s attention.

He indicated that it took him just over one month to prepare himself with the coaching of his father to prepare for the competition.

However, he spoke of being anxious and happy to have taken the stage in position number five since he had prepared very well.

“It was very tiring, but I am seeing the success that came from it,” he added.

The 2013 Junior Calypso Monarch admitted that he now has to work hard in his schoolwork as he enters Form 5 at the start of the new school year in September,

“It (the competition) shows me that I have to work harder in my school work. With hard preparation comes great success,” he said.

Although there was no ceremonial crowning of the 2013 Junior Monarch by the Spicemas Corporation, Stunner was presented with a trophy and a mock cheque of $2,500.00 by Chairman, Arthur Hosten.

Meanwhile, Republic Bank Angel Harps Drill Master, Andy Chichester attributed the band’s success in copping the title at the junior panorama championship to hard work and dedication on the part of the Junior Harpers.

The band which is based on the Carenage, St. George’s secured its eight junior title during Saturday’s Children’s Carnival Frolic.

Chichester told Newspaper that musical education played a critical role in getting the dedication and commitment of the children for the continuous practice sessions that were held.

He said the band is structured to have practice sessions throughout the entire year.

“We practice when there is nothing else to do. We practice rather than go and lime elsewhere. We practice when kids will go to the movie,” he remarked.

The Drill Master indicated that the junior Harpers who have enough senior arrangers to guide them are well educated and that they know what should come out musically of the band.

Chichester said the senior band will now start focusing on the national panorama competition that takes place tomorrow night (Saturday August 10) at the national stadium.

Junior Arranger Andre Skeete echoed the sentiments of the Drill Master about the children’s dedication, saying that hard work was the formula used to secure the eighth title for the band.

He said on a daily basis they would engage in about two and a half hours of practice and that would intensify when school closes.

The Junior Arranger said since last December they were learning the normal verse and chorus of the winning song for the pan.


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