SMC venture into e-ticketing for Spice Mas 2K13

Spice Mas Corporation (SMC) is again utilizing modern technology this time to make tickets for their events available online and to avoid a repeat of stolen tickets in 2012.

Chairman of the Spice Mas Corporation, Arthur Hosten announced last Tuesday at a press conference held at the National Stadium at Queen’s Park that tickets for Spice Mas 2K13 will be sold online for the very first time.

Tickets can now be purchased online by locals, tourists and Grenadians in the Diaspora via the Corporation’s official website, using recognized credit cards.

“We are delighted to be introducing this new e-ticketing service to Spicemas 2013, yet another first for the Grenada Carnival Committee. First, it was the launch of the Spicemas App and now a first with e-ticketing. Ticket Pal was our number one choice for this initiative; they provide the same service for Crop Over in Barbados, and are trusted worldwide”, Hosten told the media.

He added: “This new online e-ticketing system eliminates all the logistical problems associated with the distribution of traditional hard stock tickets. All the customer has to do is order the e-ticket online, print it and bring it to the show. They also have the option of showing their ticket on their mobile phone at the gate. We are confident that the introduction of e-ticketing will encourage a much smoother and more efficient ticketing process”.

System generated tickets for all Carnival events are available for purchase from the National Lottery Authority (NLA) Melville Street, St George’s and St Andrew’s.

The authority intends to announce additional ticket outlets soon.

The shows that warrant tickets for entrance throughout the Carnival season have been identified as the SMC-LIME Soca Monarch Semi-Finals (held on July 26), the SMC Melody/Papitette Calypso Semi-Finals (held on July 28, SMC-Children’s Carnival Frolic on August 3, the SMC-LIME Soca Monarch Finals on August 9, SMC-Panorama on August 10; and SMC-Dimanche Gras on August 11.

Deputy Chairman of the Spicemas Corporation with responsibility for Finance, Alister Bain, said this new initiative to sell tickets online is a huge step forward for the local carnival body.

“This new initiative has taken us a huge step forward towards marketing Spicemas as a truly international brand. The ability to buy e-tickets online will be a major bonus for those people who fly in at the very last minute for their favourite show. Now they can have peace of mind knowing that their place is secure,” he remarked.

In 2012, SMC suffered financial losses when two employees of the National Lottery Authority allegedly stole a quantity of tickets for the Children Carnival Frolic.

Police charged Nigel Joseph, a 40-year old driver who resides at Upper Depradine Street, Gouyave St. John’s, and 33-year old Danielle Gilbert from La Borie St. George’s, an Office Attendant with stealing by reason of employment.

Joseph and Gilbert were accused of stealing the tickets that are valued at $1,500.00 sometime between August 2 and 3, 2012.

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