Sanctions for misbehaved children

The Ministry of Education will be keeping a watchful eye on students during the Carnival season.

Minister of Education Anthony Boatswain who made the declaration during the annual awards presentation of the Sir Royston Hopkin Scholarship Fund last week Friday said that sanctions will be imposed on students who do not conduct themselves modestly.

Minister Boatswain announced that the Ministry of Education will be looking to see how the children display themselves for carnival.

“Don’t believe you could go out there on Carnival Day, display immorality and the next day you come in the classroom as a lamb. No, we will seek you out and the appropriate sanction will be imposed,” he warned.

The senior government minister advised the nation’s children to be careful of their conduct during the Carnival Celebrations and to be selective of the friends they keep.

He indicated that there are some children who feel energized when they are part of a group which causes them to act or do stupid things.

Minister Boatswain also had a message for parents, reminding them that if they permit their children to get involved in immoral acts they are just as guilty as the younger ones.

“Please, you (the parents) have total control of your children up to the age of 18. So if they behave bad it’s a reflection of you and therefore, you will also have to stand part of the consequences,” he said.

The Education Minister pointed out that there is a belief that the Carnival Celebrations is a time “to get on wild and wassy.”

Carnival in the Spice Isle climaxes on August 12 and 13 with the j’ouvert and street parade of the costume bands.


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