RGPF in zero tolerance mood for Carnival


The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has put in place a detailed and comprehensive security plan aimed at avoiding any major incidents during the Carnival Season.

Officer in Charge of Operations, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Edvin Martin who outlined aspects of the security plan to the media last week Wednesday indicated that the RGPF will keep a watchful eye on persons in possession of offensive and dangerous weapons, illegal drug activities, prohibited items, and traffic offenses.

The 2013 Carnival Security plan that went into effect from July 10 has started to reap rewards.

The police have been successful in keeping off the streets 61 pounds of compressed marijuana and two kilos of cocaine, 191 tickets related to traffic offenses have been issued, and collected just over $93,000.00 from commitment warrants.

The RGPF has also confiscated in excess of 25 offensive weapons.

ACP Martin has issued an appeal to patrons to refrain from carrying offensive weapons because the possession of offensive weapons is of major concern to the police force.

The top-ranking Police Officer disclosed that a response has been developed to the increase in the use of offensive weapons at public events.

He said there will be zero tolerance to persons found with offensive weapons at public events.

Scissors, cutlasses, knives, swords, and ray bones are classified as offensive weapons.

The police would also be looking at licensed firearm holders who want to take their weapons with them when attending Carnival functions.

These people are being advised that they will not be able to enter any Carnival activity with the weapon.

ACP Martin said if a licensed firearm holder shows up at an event with the weapon he will have to prove that he has a license for the firearm.

“If he cannot prove that, then he will be treated as having an illegal firearm in his possession until the contrary can be proven,” he remarked.

Apart from having what ACP Martin termed as being “event-tailored traffic arrangement” for every event, there will be some specific maritime-type operations for policing the coastline for events that are close to the sea.

The security plan is also geared at securing communities throughout Grenada.

ACP Martin said there will be a phased implementation of assertive law enforcement activities at the community level in and around “hot spots.”

“You would also see an increase in preventative patrolling … with emphasis on hot spots, vulnerable communities and what we define as source community,” he added.

ACP Martin disclosed that the whole objective behind the Security Plan for the carnival season is to create and sustain an enabling environment that would ensure the safety and security of citizens, visitors, performers of the various artform and spectators for all the events.

As a means of ensuring that the manpower is in place for the operation to be successful, all Police Officers who are on leave and are in the State have been recalled to active duty at their respective stations and departments.

The RGPF will also partner with private security companies in augmenting the manpower for specific events.

“When this occurs, the members of the private security companies would fall under the direct command, control and directive of the police command structure at that particular event, and they would be utilised at the discretion of the Commander at those events,” ACP Martin said.

The top-ranking Police Officer is urging the public to continue to exercise sensible personal security practices as it relates to substance abuse, and drinking and driving issues.


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