Former Female Police Officer Gives Detail of Her Rape

A policewoman who recently resigned from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has given an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper in which she alleged that she was taken to a house that is rented for senior police officers and raped.

This story was first reported by THE NEW TODAY last week.

In this issue, the paper gives a graphic detail of the alleged rape of the WPC who had asked the officer for a ride from the Gouyave Police Station to Grenville in order to take up duties.

She also identified two other senior police officers who engaged in repeated sexual abuses against her.

That (name of senior police officer withheld) is the one who actually had sex with me, hold me down and stripped me naked. I was kind of didn’t know how to handle the situation. I was kind of afraid. I was fearful as to what will happen around that time I had just passed out (from Police Training School).

I used to be in the Station (Gouyave) with the other WPC’s and them. Me and (the Senior Police Officer who was named), to be honest with you, we never had a relationship. In the way he came onto me, I looked at him as somebody who I could trust … maybe somebody who I could have related certain things to.

One time he told me that he liked me and I am a nice girl etc. He told me that he knew that we could not have a relationship but he liked me.

Around that time, even though he said that, he never made no sexual advances to me until the particular night. I had to work in Grenville… that was before they sent me down to the court. I had to work on Petty Investigation and I had that weekend off. I got the Saturday and Sunday off and I had to take up work on the Monday morning.

I had to leave Gouyave and reach to Grenville for 8 o’clock the morning dressed in uniform and the scarcity of buses … that mean three buses I would have to take. I have to take a bus from Gouyave to Sauteurs, Sauteurs to Hermitage to get dressed and Hermitage to Grenville and it would mean that I could reach late because sometimes the buses do not pass on time.

It so happen that I sit down and think about it. I decided to pass by the station. It had a WPC on duty on the diary. I say, Miss (name withheld), you don’t know any transport that will be going up Grenville area tonight, look girl I have to take up work for 8 o’clock in the morning and I don’t know what to do.

I say, “I need a ride or else I will reach to work late in the morning and I didn’t want Mr (name of officer withheld) to be on my back… you know you just pass out and you want to make sure that you do everything perfect. You didn’t want nobody write you up or charge you. When you pass out that is one of the things they do – is charge and that kind of thing.

So she say, girl, I don’t know of any transport that going up dey. I didn’t know what to do.. that was stressing me out because I want to make sure that I reach to work on time.

A few minutes after she called me back, “Miss (name withheld) look at Mr (Name withheld of senior police officer) outside dey, I hear that he going up Grenville side”. I say, “For real”. She say, “Girl, yes, why you don’t go and ask him, find out if he going there for real. If he going there then that is a plus for you.


I ran outside, I saw him standing by his van and I say, Sir, I understand that you going up Grenville side. Ah say, would I be able to get a ride please because I have to take work early the next morning and I don’t think that I would be able to make it. I understand that you going up that side and I want to know if it will be possible to have a ride please.


He (the senior officer) smile and he say, Ok, Miss (name of WPC), no problem.


According to the WPC, the senior officer indicated to her that he had to pass home first to collect something before proceeding to Grenville.


He asked me to give him about 10 minutes and to wait for him near to the Gas Station in Gouyave.


She said that shortly after getting into the vehicle, the senior officer indicted to her that he had to make a stop off at the police house at Loretto to collect something.


She said: “On the way up, he said, Miss (name withheld) just give me a few minutes, I just have to pass in the house dey and collect something. I say, OK, Sir no problem because I was excited I getting the ride because my mind rest now because I wouldn’t be reaching to work late.


She spoke of the senior officer getting out of the van and going inside the house and coming back out within a matter of two to three minutes.


The van was parked up right in front of the house at Loretto.


She said: “So he came back outside the building now and he came and tell me, Miss (Name withheld), you will have to come inside. Ah say, “Come inside, why I have to come inside? He say, “well look, ah have some clothes dey to iron. Ah say, “iron”. Ah say, “Mr. … (name withheld) you never tell me that you had to iron and I didn’t feel comfortable to come inside dey. He had me in an uncomfortable position now. I didn’t want to go inside dey in the event that when coming back out and some vehicle pass and splash their light on me and next thing you know my name in jump up already.


“Ah say Mr… (name withheld) ah go stay in the van and wait because I didn’t feel comfortable to come inside dey. So he said, well Miss …(name withheld), I have a few pieces of clothes to iron and it go take a little time. So I say, “Why you didn’t tell me that before.


According to the WPC, her superior tried to convince her to come inside.


She said, “He came and he pulled me out of the van, he didn’t do it like with force but her make sure that he held my hand and he sort of pulled me out to try to get me to come inside the house.


She spoke of the officer eventually getting her inside the house.


“So I say, Mr… (name withheld) why you must do that… ah didn’t know that he had his motives. Ah say, if you had told me that (you had to iron), I would have say, you could go ahead and iron and I could have waited and when you ready, we could have just go straight”.


“He keep saying, “don’t worry, how you getting on so. Is only me and you that dey here, nobody won’t see, nobody won’t know anything.


She said the intent of the soothing words was clearly aimed at getting her not to worry about anything.


She said that the officer was taking his time to iron each piece of clothes.


“The man taking his time, he delaying. The man take about half-an-hour on one piece of clothes. He taking his time, he was ironing his police uniform.. Ah dey, ah grinding.


She said that after he pleased himself and was finished ironing, she asked him for them to leave the building and to take her to Grenville as the time had reached nearly 10.00 p.m.


“He say, don’t worry, how you like to worry yourself so. He say, Is me and you alone that is here, nobody don’t hearing.


She said the officer then told me that he wanted to show her around the house but she said to him that she had already seen the house and wanted to go.


“I say I see the house already, let us just go. He kept saying, how you getting on so, let me just show you how the verandah build. He was making all kinds of excuses because he just wanted to brush me.


According to the WPC, the senior officer them moved in the direction of the bed and proceeded to lay down on it. He then took off his top as if to indicate that he was not busy to leave the house.


“Ah say to myself, what the ass is that? I am not trying to make excuse but I thought the very fact that I had to walk out of this house… I didn’t want anybody to see me coming out of there. It was just easier for me to jump into the van and come out from there instead of people seeing me.


“Anyhow when the man go and lie down on the bed, he ain’t studying me. He got up from the bed, he hold onto me… he embraced me with his arm and he started kissing me up and thing.


“Ah say, Mr… (name withheld) I didn’t come here for that. I didn’t scream. I am being honest with you the reason I didn’t scream is because I thought…. I didn’t want the embarrassment. I am the kind of person, I don’t like to be in embarrassing situations whereby my name has to be called or being looked about in a negative way.


She spoke of the senior officer holding her and pushing her down onto the bed.


“When I was on the bed he came over me and he jammed me with his two feet so I couldn’t get up. So I lie down and he came over me and you know men are usually stronger than women. When he jammed me with his two feet now he hold me with his two hands and kissing me up and trying to love me up.. He was able to remove my top. I was crying but I was not screaming.. Like I tell you I was trying to save the embarrassment. I didn’t want anybody hear… and the same time I was afraid and I didn’t want him to do that (have sex with me).


‘I was trying to tell him don’t do that. I say, Mr…. (name withheld) stop, why you doing that? I say, I didn’t come here for that all I did was just ask you for a ride. I say let’s go, why you doing that?


“He say, why you getting on so. It is only me and you hear… you know how I feel about you. Nobody didn’t have to know anything and that is all he kept saying.


She said that while all this was going on, he struggled with her and was able to remove her top and bras with some degree of force.


“I fighting up with him but I can’t make it with him. I struggling but I getting weak. When he removed my bra he sucked my breast, he play with it. Ah don’t lying to you that is exactly what happened. He manged to play up with the breast, suck it and do whatever.


She said when the officer realized that he succeeded in getting off the top and bras, he then moved to pull off her jeans pants.


She said that he struggled to take off the pants until one of the back pockets got damaged, it was partly ripped off.


“He ripped it off…. and I was giving trouble so the jeans pocket rip and only a little piece was hanging.


When he remove my pants from me, I still dey fighting.


Sensing that he was near to completing his mission, the officer then removed his own pants and put in onto the side of the bed.


She spoke of him then taking out a condom from a back pocket in the pants and trying to put in onto his penis.


“He came and he hold me back (down) again. With that hold, he was able to take off my panty. He hold me down on the bed so I can’t move. I try to get up but he hold me down. When he trying to put up the condom on his penis, ah dey and I giving trouble again. I don’t have to play no saint… it is not like I never had sex before. I had sex before because I had past boyfriends. Ah mean if somebody say no (to sex), you just can’t hold down somebody.


“Ah dey and I trying to run, he pushing me down on the bed. He chucking me down so I can’t move. When he roll up the condom and he finish, he forcefully put in the penis in me. I didn’t give him no consent..


She said it was a horrifying experience with the senior police officer.


“I am the kind of girl if I have sex right now… in five minutes time if I have to go to have sex again is problems because I always tight and because of that I never like sex. I always find it hurting. Everybody different. I don’t care for sex. I could live without boyfriend because I find the thing does hurt. Ah don’t like it.


The former WPC said that although the senior cop got the condom on, he was experiencing problems in entering into her vagina because it had tightened up.


“He was struggling to put it in. I cry and I cry I tell him this thing hurting me…stop please … this thing hurting.. what you doing. Ah dey and I crying and he don’t study me.. all he want to know is that he put the penis inside.


“Ah say, Mr… (name withheld) stop please. Ah begging, stop please ah don’t want to do that but he ain’t studying me.


She spoke of the senior officer then doing everything possible to get her vagina wet including playing with her breast and sucking on it.


“He did everything to get me wet because he realise that the penis was struggling to go inside. He realize that I was tight. He did everything within his powers to get me wet until eventually ah reach a point that I was so wet that he forcefully put it inside but it was still hurting.


“Ah say that this thing hurting…stop.


The resigned WPC stated that the officer had sex with her for about 10-15 minutes while he held down her hands to make sure that she could not move.


She said she kept struggling with him and along the line he lost his erection and the penis got “dead”.


“During that time I kept giving him trouble because I want him to get off me. I was giving so much trouble that he lost his erection so he got mad. So he start to quarrel with me… look at what you cause… look at what you cause.


“So I say, “What ah did. All ah tell you was just stop. What I do?


She said the officer then replied to her: “Look how you cause me to go dead


According to the officer, she thought that this was the end of her ordeal but what transpired next was just the beginning of the sexual encounter.


“When I think this is where thing end, that is when thing just start. After that the man hold me down. The man may be suck my vagina for nearly half-an-hour. I don’t have to lie… he do that.


“He suck me, he suck me. He sucked me until when.. the only time he stop is when he realize that he please himself and he was satisfied, He did it”.


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