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Sir Royston & Lady Hopkin and Grand Anse R.C. Principal Mrs Antoine-Pierre with the 12 new recipients of the Sir Royston Scholarship

Sir Royston & Lady Hopkin and Grand Anse R.C. Principal Mrs Antoine-Pierre with the 12 new recipients of the Sir Royston Scholarship

Grenada’s most distinguished hotelier, Sir Royston Hopkin is satisfied that he has been able to assist children on the island with their education.

Sir Royston who took the initiative to start a scholarship fund 21 years ago said he feels “good” due to the level of success of the programme thus far.

Speaking at the annual scholarship fund ceremony last week Friday at the Spice Island Beach resort, an emotional Sir Royston who indicated that he is known to be tough and also very soft at times said this is one of the first times he has been overcome with emotions.

He spoke of being touched because many of the students may not have had the opportunity to excel had it not been for the programme.

“It touches me, but trust me, I do nothing for thanks. I do it because I know it’s something, as an individual, I have to do, should do, because I am part of a society in Grenada,” he said.

The Hotelier indicated that the opportunity that the students have received to obtain a sound education, and the opportunity that he has provided is significant.

However, he warned the students against becoming complacent.

“Today think of Grenada first, think of the region second and think of… going abroad to enhance your studies,” he told the ceremony.

Sir Royston admonished the scholarship awardees to keep focused, and to seize the opportunity to do the best that they can do to further their own future.

The Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 as a means of assisting needy parents who find it difficult to provide a secondary school education to their children.

As a result, the Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic School was first adopted by Sir Royston’s Hotel, and since then, each year five students who are successful at their exam results have been receiving a seven-year scholarship.

In 2004, the scholarship was extended to include children of employees of the Resort. To date, 137 children have benefited from the fund.

This year, ten students from the Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic School at Grand Anse, and two from the Resort have been added to the list of awardees.

Coordinator of the Scholarship Fund, Hermian Griffith in outlining the success of the programme disclosed that 42 students have so far graduated from the T.A. Marryshow Community College, while another seven are currently enrolled in the two-year programme.

Griffith said apart from the awardees benefiting from school supplies, the scholarship fund showcases the tourism and hospitality industry as a lucrative, exciting and fast growing industry.

According to Griffith, awardees have been exposed to, as well as experience the working environment of the resort when taken on field trips.

“Staff members will also share with the students their experiences working at Spice Island Beach resort,” she said.

Griffith noted that awardees who passed through the programme are now gainfully employed in almost every profession.

The Spice Island Beach resort Scholarship Coordinator gave some words of advice to the recipients of the programme.

She urged them to work hard and study harder, to be punctual at school, and to exercise good deportment at all times.

Education Minister, Anthony Boatswain congratulated the Spice Island Beach Resort on its contribution to the development of education in Grenada.

Minister Boatswain encouraged other members of the business community who are not contributing to the education sector to do the same.

The Education Minister admonished the students to ensure that they are skilled because many of the unemployed people today are those who have a large number of academic subjects but have no skills.

“In spite of your academic brilliance… if you want to be in the job market make sure you acquire a skill,” he said.

Minister Boatswain stressed that academic brilliance is not sufficient to take someone where he would like to go and reminded them that discipline is an essential part of one’s development.


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