Bristol remains at the head

Jimmy Bristol - remains as President of the local bar

Jimmy Bristol – remains as President of the local bar

The Grenada Bar Association at its Annual General Meeting on the 17th day of July, 2013 elected a new Executive, headed by the President, James A. Bristol, former Attorney General of Grenada and Partner in the firm of Henry, Henry & Bristol.

Bristol returns for a second consecutive term in office and former President of the Bar, Dr. Lawrence Joseph, now President of the Senate and Partner of the firm of Joseph & Joseph was also returned as Vice President.

Attorney Shireen Wilkinson, Partner in the firm Wilkinson, Wilkinson & Wilkinson is the new Treasurer of the Executive and Ayanna Nelson, principal at the newly established firm St. Ives Chambers is the new Secretary.

The Floor Members of the Executive are Deborah St. Bernard, Partner at the firm Lewis & Renwick, Lisa Taylor, Partner at Henry Hudson-Phillips & Co., Claudette Joseph, Partner at Amicus Attorneys, Daisy Joseph, Associate at Seon & Associates and Sheriba Lewis, Associate at Kim George & Associates.

The President thanked the membership for continuing to place their confidence in him to lead the profession and pledged to continue where he left off by engaging all stakeholders, particularly the Bar, the Judiciary and the Government of Grenada to ensure that issues concerning the legal profession are dealt with effectively and efficiently.

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