“Toni Tuff ” captures 2013 CC6 Carnival Knockout Crown

Duane Toni Modeste – 2013 CC6 Carnival Knockout King

Duane Toni Modeste – 2013 CC6 Carnival Knockout King

The village of Moliniere in St. George North-west has produced its first soca winner in a major show.

Duane Toni Modeste who is known to his peers as “Toni Tuff ” captured the 2013 CC6 Carnival Knockout Crown.

The relatively unknown Toni Tuff who came on the scene for the first time this season to take part in the Fourth CC6 Carnival Knockout.

He competed against a cast that included the defending knockout championship, Blacka Dan who had to settle for second place.

Dressed in a shortknee-styled costume with his song, “Represent Grenada,” the budding soca sensation was able to receive the crowd support that assisted him in winning the championship with 190 points.

For his prize, Toni Tuff received $1,200 compliments Flow, a $300.00 gift voucher compliments Duty-Free Caribbean, one case of Presidente Beer, and a gift bag.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY Newspaper, the CC6 Carnival Knockout King said it was a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication that has taken him so far.

He sees the victory as not just for himself, but it is one for Grenada.

Toni Tuff said it is amazing how for the first time he has written a song and entered a competition with it to see how it has had a positive impact in the country.

He indicated that there is a cry for clean and good lyrics in the local music and as a result he was motivated to answer the cry of the people and to fill the gap.

Toni Tuff said he has been seeing a trend where most of the young artistes believe that they must sing something smutty in order to make it big.

“There was a cry out there for good melody, good lyrics, and if you listen to my song carefully, it is a song that endorses Grenada, it endorses the greatest product which is my country,” he remarked.

The CC6 Carnival Knockout King is not misguided by his success.

Considering himself as a baby in the artform, he spoke of wanting to expose himself to the critique of the elders who have paved the way.

“Seeing that I am a baby in this, a baby needs direction because if you just leave a baby to do what he wants to do, he will end up doing things he don’t really know about. So if you don’t know where you came from, you would hardly have a sense of where to go. So I would love to sit with the elders anytime,” he said.

Toni Tuff had also entered the National Soca Monarch Competition but failed to make it past the preliminary round.

However, he said he embraces the judges’ decision and has no animosity against them.

The budding soca artiste took a look at his score sheet and saw where he needs to correct certain things.

“I took the criticism in a constructive way… and I (looked) into myself and see what it is really they (the judges) are trying to show me,” he said.

The first-timer soca artiste said he is now on a drive to promote himself to the rest of Grenada.

Toni Tuff will be participating in a soca monarch show tomorrow (Saturday July 27) at Happy Hill, St. George’s.

He praised his mother, schoolteacher Ann-Marie Dawn Modeste for being among those who encouraged him to get involved in the 2013 Carnival Season.


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