TAMCC facing financial constraints

Dr. Jeffrey Britton – approach the challenges with a fresh perspective

Dr. Jeffrey Britton – approach the challenges with a fresh perspective

Principal of the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), Dr. Jeffrey Britton has dropped strong hints that the lone tertiary institution on the island that has two sub-campuses is struggling to stay afloat financially.

Dr. Britton was at the time addressing the 24th Annual Graduation Ceremony of the College held last week Thursday at the national sporting stadium at Queen’s Park in St. George’s.

He said that in order to move the national institution forward there is need to respond to the existing challenges, and appropriate responses must be implemented if there is an honest divide for TAMCC to survive.

“We need to reflect and evaluate the causes and effects of the existing challenges and the purpose of the existence of the institution,” he told the large gathering which included Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell.

“It behooves all of us to ask just what is or what ought to be the role of TAMCC in our lives, and the developing of our tri-island State. This is very critical because the role we conceive for TAMCC will determine how best to manage it and what resources we should put at its disposal,” he said.

Despite having to face the economic pinch, Dr. Britton said they are proud of the progress that has been made, and remain ambitious and optimistic for the future of the island’s lone tertiary institution.

However, he reported that TAMCC has generated an income of $2.08m for the last period through tuition, service fees and projects.

The college had made representation to the former National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration of Tillman Thomas for an increase in tuition fees to help meet its annual expenses.

Dr. Britton announced that during the next academic year, TAMCC would strive to reinforce its efforts to continue to seek alternative resources.

The school Principal indicated that many colleges are now finding themselves at the mercy of tight fiscal constraints that are impacting negatively on various components of the expectation and entrenched cultures of these institutions.

Dr. Britton called for a national consultation on higher education and training for citizens because empirical data shows that investment in higher education plays a crucial role in the future prosperity of a nation.

He spoke of the college’s commitment in providing accessible, quality, high education and training opportunities thus helping the students to achieve their personal and professional goals.

According to Dr. Britton, TAMCC is proud of its history, tradition, belief and assumption.

“For us to grow and accomplish our mission, we need stakeholders and well wishers who believe in the power of higher education to propel the development of our tri-island State”, he said.


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