Mahbubani reaps reward

Pavan Sean Ajay Mahbubani - the rewards always show themselves

Pavan Sean Ajay Mahbubani – the rewards always show themselves

Grenada’s 2011 Island Scholar continues to excel in his academic studies.

Pavan Sean Ajay Mahbubani graduated from Westmorland Secondary School in 2011 with 14 Grade One Subjects at the CXC Exams in Chemistry, French. Physics, Biology, Mathematics, English A, English B, Information Technology, Accounts, Business, Office Administration, History, Geography, and Social Studies.

He has now completed his two-year course of studies at the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), graduating with an overall grade point average of 4.0.

The scholar told reporters that he is awaiting the results from the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Exam (CAPE) before making future plans.

Mahbubani said his academic successes have always been a challenge as everyone around him, and even he himself expects to keep his standard high.

He indicated that it was a very rigorous two years after being successful with the 14 CXC Subjects from the Secondary School.

“It has been the very same thing here (at TAMCC) two years of very hard work coupled with support by my peers, my parents, the teachers and staff at TAMCC, and of course God for giving me the strength to be able to do all that I have done,” he said.

The TAMCC top graduating student indicated that the greatest challenge for him was a lack of motivation.

“Sometimes I could never see the end of the tunnel, so it’s like I’m doing all this work and what’s the gain from it, but in the end… the rewards always show themselves,” he said.

Mahbubani who was the Valedictorian of the Graduating Class of 2013 spoke of the encouragement and support he received from his parents.

He told the ceremony his parents encouraged him and his sister to value education.

Mahbubani received awards for being the best overall graduating student, best graduating student in the School of Arts, Science and Professional Studies, outstanding academic achievement, and business studies.


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