Grenadian earns a Green Beret and diamond badge

Hard work and determination bring great success and a Grenadian has achieved just that.

Frank Worth, a past student of Presentation Brothers College (PBC) has earned himself a Green Beret and Diamond Badge, after completing training at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Lympstone, UK.

The Royal Marines Commando training course is one of the toughest in the world and Frank was able to prove himself and to earn such a prestigious title.

The coveted Green Beret is only awarded to individuals who have passed the most rigorous and demanding personal examination.

Frank also earned himself a Diamond Badge; awarded to recruits who show confidence and leadership qualities.

The Royal Marines is a ‘breeding ground’ for those individuals who both want, and who prove to be suitable for recruitment into the Special Forces – a testimony in itself to the quality of the men.

Frank has joined 42 Commando in the British Navy and is now ready to serve in any quarter of the world, by his self-discipline and the training he successfully endured, by the sheer will to survive, do justice for his country, his colleagues and himself.

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