Female students from Carriacou excel

Two females have emerged as the top students from the Carriacou Campus of the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

The two – Vernel Noel and Nikian Alexander – were among 812 students who graduated last week from TAMCC after completing their two year course of studies.

Noel, the Best Graduating Student of TAMCC Carriacou which is located at Six Roads, told reporters that hard work and determination played a pivotal role in her academic success.

Although having faced many challenges, the Carriacou top performer spoke of being inspired by God.

“He is my all, and once we depend on Him and we put our faith in Him, He will never let us down,” she said with deep conviction.

According to Noel, time-management on her part also played an integral role in her success as nothing in life comes easy.

“School is not easy, and as you progress higher and higher in the education system, you would have to put in more time, more dedication and more hard work, but it’s all about management”, she said.

“I think that is the hardest thing for we, youths to do nowadays, but once we set a schedule and just stick to it, no matter what, we would always achieve excellence” she added.

Noel who first graduated from Bishop’s College topped the CXC Exams in Carriacou two years ago, and now has her eyes set on pursuing a degree in law.

As Best Carriacou Student, she received an award from Ade’s Dream Guest House in Carriacou.

She was also awarded academically in the Social Science Programme, which was sponsored by the state-run Grenada Development Bank (GDB).

The second best student out of Carriacou, Nikian Alexander spoke of the two-year journey at TAMCC as being a trying experience.

Alexander stressed that with every success, there are trials and errors, but hard work pays off in the end.

“The whole journey was mind-provoking, but I endeavoured to the end,” she quipped.

Alexander who is employed with the Carriacou Branch of the National Disaster Management Agency did her course of studies over a four-year period on a part-time basis.

She said she decided to engage in further studies as a means of developing herself, and to be a role model for her children.

Although being a family woman with a husband and children, she stated that many persons tried to persuade her from furthering her education.

Proudly displaying her plaque, Alexander said this is her achievement to show her detractors that regardless of what they said she persevered to the end and achieved what she wanted.

“Nothing is limited, no matter what is your age you can accomplish anything you want to. The sky is the limit,” she added.

Alexander is now looking forward to pursue studies to achieve an Associate Degree in Social Science.


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