Female Police Officer Quits RGPF Accusing Senior Officer of Rape

Deputy Commissioner Redhead was informed by the WPC about the rape committed against her by another cop

Deputy Commissioner Redhead was informed by the WPC about the rape committed against her by another cop

A policewoman who left the force two months ago for the United States has leveled an accusation of Rape against a senior officer within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

THE NEW TODAY understands that the woman who is from a rural village on the island made the disclosure of the alleged rape in a report submitted to Acting Commissioner of Police, Winston James in May, 2013.

The document now in the possession of James gives the name of the officer and the rank that he currently holds in the force.

This newspaper was able to speak with the ex-officer who gave graphic details about the rape that took place one night in Loretto, St. John’s, as well as other sexual assaults on her within police stations in St. George’s by at least two other senior members of RGPF.

These allegations are also said to be documented in the report that was given to Acting Commissioner James.

The ex-female cop said that the senior officer raped her one night at a private home in Loretto that was being paid for by the State for the use of the Superintendent of the Western District.

Checks made by this newspaper confirm the existence of the house that was used by the police.

The ex-Woman Police Constable spoke of asking the officer for a ride to take her from the Gouyave Station to Grenville so that she could take up duties early the next day at another police station.

Acting Commissioner James has the report in his hands

Acting Commissioner James has the report in his hands

According to the young lady, the officer took her instead to Loretto, forced her out of his private vehicle into the house and proceeded to sexually assault her.

She said that she could not have run out of the building since he locked the door and held onto the key.

She spoke of how her clothes including bra and underwear were forcibly removed by the officer who then proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse without her consent.

The young lady said that since leaving the force, she has now built up the courage to bring to light the crime of rape against her.

“I didn’t have the courage to talk about this. When it (the rape) happened, I had just come out of training school and was afraid that I might have gotten him (the Senior police officer) in trouble”, she remarked.

The ex-Woman Police Constable also pointed a finger at another senior police officer who asked her to report to his office with the station diary and then proceeded to lock the door and held onto her while demanding sex.

She gave details of the manner in which she had to struggle to free herself as the senior police officer touched and squeezed her breast and started to kiss her profusely in the locked office.

The ex-female cop also briefed THE NEW TODAY on the actions of another senior police officer who was often “stalking” her and trying to lure her into sexual activities with him.

The ex-WPC said that all three senior police officers whose name were given to Acting Commissioner James proceeded to punish her for refusing to co-operate with them on their sexual advances.

According to the young officer before she sent in her resignation letter to the force, she brought the issue of her rape by the senior police officer and the other acts to the attention of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Frank Redhead.

“Mr. Redhead asked me why I did not come forward before with the information so that a charge of rape could have been brought against …. (name withheld). I told him that I was really afraid to do so”, she said.

THE NEW TODAY understands that at least three other senior members of the force were briefed by the WPC before she left the island for the United States on the reasons why she had decided to call it a day as a policewoman.

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