End of an era for 812 TAMCC Students

Section of the mass of TAMCC Graduates

Section of the mass of TAMCC Graduates

The academic success of a group of young adults has been celebrated as they are now sent out into the world to chart their own destiny.

A huge number of 812 students from the T.A. Marryshow Community College bade farewell to the lone tertiary institution on the island after being exposed to two years of studies in various fields.

Sixty-nine of the students graduated with honours at the event, which took place at the Grenada National Stadium last week Thursday.

In addressing the graduation exercise, Principal Dr. Jeffrey Britton indicated that the graduation marks the end of years of rigorous academic training and the beginning of a training of a different chapter of their lives as productive and responsible citizens.

Dr. Britton said the graduating students who have come from 35 programmes of the college have proven that they have fulfilled all the requirements of the school and are entitled to all the rights and privileges that are pertaining to the graduation award.

He stressed that the secret of success is consistency of purpose, and encouraged them to be agents of social change.

“As you leave TAMCC, I hope you carry a deep appreciation of the values and traditions that are everlasting as well as the willingness to be dauntless and to approach the challenges with a fresh perspective,” he said.

Dr. Britton urged the 2013 Graduating Class to live freely from the tyranny of superficialities and idle gossips that plague the social fabric of society.

He believes that their preparation should provide them with the skills to be able to evaluate and make appropriate decisions.

Some of the female graduates making their entrance

Some of the female graduates making their entrance

The TAMCC Principal shared some of the school’s achievements during the last academic school year.

He reported that the 2012 overall pass rate for the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Exam (CAPE) was eighty-five percent.

In the American Hotel and Lodging Examination, the school recorded a one-hundred pass rate, while ninety-five percent was recorded in the Teacher Education University of the West Indies Associate Degree Programme.

The 24th Annual Graduation Ceremony was held under the theme, “Beyond all limits, living outside the constraints of economic hardship.”

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell who delivered the feature address said he is addressing the graduates from the vantage point of being one who understood the significance of that theme from an early age.

Dr. Mitchell spoke of economic hardship being no stranger to him.

He said that as he reflected on the theme of the graduation exercise he strongly believes that the machine to fulfill it is clearly and absolutely the development and the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

“ICT has to be the tool that we can use to leverage national and regional development,” he remarked.

Dr. Mitchell said he was struck to have observed that seventy-five percent of the graduates are females while the remaining twenty-five percent are males.

He believes that due to this proportionate number in women excelling in education, the family structure can be undermined.

The Prime Minister wished that the 2013 Graduating Class would find ways to channel their achievements into sustainable livelihoods for themselves, their family and the society.

Valedictorian Pavan Sean Ajay Mahbubani who graduated with a perfect score of 4.0 told his colleagues they are at a very important point in their lives where they have critical choices to make.

“We can try to fall into the current pattern of society or choose to stand out and be a leader,” Mahbubani said, while remanding them that they owe it to those who helped them get to reach their current stage in life.

The Valedictorian encouraged his colleagues to start making their own decisions and that they should always take the course of action that feels right.

Education Minister Anthony Boatswain who delivered the charge to the graduates admonished them to be the masters of their own destiny.

Minister Boatswain advised them to avoid the “free way” that leads to nowhere.

He told the graduates whatever decision they take and where they ultimately end up will depend on their own personal choice.

In encouraging the graduates to dream high, the Education Minister told them not to become discouraged or daunted by temporary moments of failure or defeat.

“Do not allow obstacles or failures to distract you from pursuing your goal, be steadfast my friends,” he said.

Minister Boatswain also spoke about the principles of having the right attitude and good moral standards.

He told the 2013 Graduating Class that the intention of sporting brilliance alone will not do it for them, and to never do anything that will bring disgrace to themselves, their family, their school or country..

“I urge you to be disciplined always. Show respect to yourself and others. Be courteous, be honest, be humble, be generous and … work hard for what you want,” he said.


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