Senior employees urged to change selfish attitude

Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Kenny Lalsingh has chastised what he described as the selfish attitudes of senior public sector employees to junior workers.

Addressing last week’s sitting of the Upper House, Senator Lalsingh said that while the five month old New National Party (NNP) administration is looking at the level of productivity within the public service, the issue of selfishness on the part of senior employees who refuse to give young employees a “break” has been noticed.

“It is obvious that some persons at the upper level are not quite keen on allowing people at the lower level to get the break to move up the ladder and that is a problem we have, not only in the public service but in the private sector as well,” he told the sitting.

He charged that if someone at a higher level in the service is not interested in allowing the younger people at the lower level to go upwards, they do not disseminate information to them.

“They (senior employees) go abroad on courses, training, and I’m thinking when you go to a seminar when you come back you must pass it on to the others. If we don’t do that, it mean that down the road we have to start at square one, we have to start training these people when they eventually occupy positions at a higher level”, he said.

“And this is something of great concern, this is something that we need to correct so that we get our people a well-rounded education, a well-rounded working experience”, he added.

According to Sen. Lalsingh, “working experience is so very important, because you spend a very short time in school, but the majority of your life you spend it in the workplace, and the workplace is the area that will make all of us look good, will make all of us be productive, make the country develop and so that we can provide the development of this nation”.

The Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Ministry with responsibility for Implementation, Lalsingh, believes that a number of people within the public sector are quite productive while others are simple not.

He believe that with proper training and a clear understanding of their mandate, every person who have accepted a job must know what is expected from them and in return they ought to produce and make themselves available to do what is necessary based on their job description

“So we believe by and large (that) a majority of our people who are not very productive now can change their attitude once they get the understanding what they have to do,” Sen. Lalsingh said.

In recent years, government has been forced to find approximately EC$30 million a month to pay the salaries of civil servants and pensioners.

New Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell has hinted that the service is too bloated and that government needs to do something about its monthly payroll.

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