By Elliot Bishop


On a scale of one to ten, the Marian Sports, Cultural and Development Club deserves a nine plus, for the just completed Wind Ball Competition and week of activities at the village of Marian in South East St. George.

The two activities were well planned and executed in an atmosphere that reflected discipline and organisation to the highest order.

Twelve teams competed in the Wind Ball (fifteen overs) competition, sponsored by Mr. Raymond Lewis, a senior citizen in the area, he himself being a former athlete; while residing in Trinidad, he represented the Guardians Sports Club and competed against top athletes at the Southern Games during the 1960’s.

The Wind Ball Competition started in the year 2005 with four village teams and has grown from strength to strength each year, spilling over to neighbouring villages like Calivigny, Woodlands and La Borie.

Attendance to the games also increased by leaps and bounds, with hundreds of spectators turning out to support their favourite team.

This year’s competition was exciting from start to finish. Last year’s champs COTTAGE were determined to regain the trophy, but newcomers GRENLEC and HOT SPURS took the initiative, while Favourite COCOA LIONS failed to get pass the semi-finals.

In the end, it was the dark horse in the race, DOWN THE ROAD STARS that came off with the trophy and the title – 2013 Raymond Lewis Wind Ball Cricket Champions.

The Marian Festival Week, 30th June to 6th July followed on the heels of the Wind Ball Cricket with members of the club attending church service at the Marian Pentecostal Church on Sunday 30th June, followed by very interesting activities the following days such as Panel Discussion, Drive-in Movie at the playing field, Games Night at the Multipurpose Centre, Bon Fire Night and Story Telling and the Miss Marian 2013 Pageant on Friday night, the third queen contest to be held in Marian.

Miss Shania Dickson was crowned the winner, with first runner up Miss Cassie Grappy and second runner up Miss Cherise Bishop.

The week of activities ended with a morning fitness exercise at the playing field, followed by a Street Fiesta which included sale of various products, vegetables, food and drinks, health booth and music among other activities.

Looking back, while the club ought to be proud of the success of the twelve weeks of Wind Ball Cricket and the Marian Festival Week, the Marian community gained the focus of attention for the entire period, but the winners in the final analysis are the youth who were focused on friendly rivalry in the sporting and festival activities.

Maybe community activities like these can be a deterrent to control the rising crime and violence among the youth. Think of it!



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