TAMCC Registrar calls for private sector investment in education

Nigel Gravesande – take the initiative

Nigel Gravesande – take the initiative

A local education official wants to see the private sector play an integral role in the education system in Grenada.

Registrar of the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), Nigel Gravesande believes that private sector/public sector collaboration in the furtherance of education can go a long way in the overall development of the country.

Gravesande who was at the time speaking at the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge awards ceremony submitted that the private sector which benefits from an educated and skilled workforce should play a bigger role in funding education.

He believes that quality education is the cornerstone of a healthy national economy and a thriving private sector.

The TAMCC Registrar indicated that in the Caribbean, the private sector has begun to recognise that their investments towards improving education can pay off in ways both socially and bring tremendous responsibility and benefits when it comes to profits.

He said TAMCC has structured an engagement with the private sector to work with it in forging greater links for providing quality education.

Gravesande announced that at the tertiary institution’s graduation ceremony that takes place later in the month there is a record 75 private sector companies sponsoring academic awards to the best graduating students.

He spoke of Sagicor Insurance Company Inc being among the list for the first time.

The TAMCC official said it must be believed that private sector companies can bring a tremendous degree of quality in the realm of education.

“It behooves me to use this opportunity to call on the private sector generally in Grenada to take the initiative, follow the lead of companies like Sagicor in ensuring that there is a collective voice and influence and an access that ensures our students benefit from the quality of education that government alone cannot deliver, but rather through a partnership in which businesses can benefit from the entrepreneurial and technical expertise that are delivered in the school system thus plugging the critical financial gap that exists in our educational sector,” he said.

Gravesande believes that the private sector’s investment in education can ultimately benefit businesses, enhance the economic and social environment, and create stronger opportunities for business themselves.


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