Murray Convicted of Murder

A 12-member jury comprising nine women and three men has retuned a guilty verdict in the murder case of Winston Murray.

The 34-year old Murray of Mt. Horne, St. Andrew’s was convicted on Monday for the murder of 29-year old school teacher Kisha Romain that took place at Paraclete, St. Andrew’s.

The incident took place between Wednesday June 2 and Thursday June 3, 2010.

Winston Murray – to know his fate on July 29

Winston Murray – to know his fate on July 29

Although the trial that commenced on June 24 was dogged by a number of legal issues, it took the Crown three days to present its case to the court.

Crown Counsel in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Crisan Greenidge led the evidence in court.

The court learnt that on the night of the killing, Romain was walking along the Paraclete main road when Murray accosted her.

The convicted man who was armed with a knife pushed Romain down in the bush away from the main road in the vicinity of the Paraclete Pasture into an agricultural plot of land that contained nutmeg, and cocoa.

A struggle ensued between them during which time Murray threatened to kill Romain with the knife.

The court learnt that while Romain was putting up a resistance with Murray who proceeded to have sex with her, he held her by the throat causing her to suffocate.

Murray then covered the upper part of the woman’s body with bluggoe leaves and left her there.

A party of Police Officers discovered the body on the day that is observed on the Christian Calendar as Corpus Christi.

School Teacher Keisha Romain – murdered three years ago

School Teacher Keisha Romain – murdered three years ago

A pair of slippers belonging to the convicted man was discovered by the police on the crime scene.

A post-mortem that was conducted revealed that Romain died as a result of asphyxia by manual strangulation.

Murray is due to be sentenced on July 29 by Madam Justice Margaret Price-Findlay.


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