Mother Comes To Defense Of Murder Accused

The mother of murder accused, Omar Mc Gillivary has denied reports that he had served time at the Richmond Hill prison for a drug offence.

Omar Mc Gillivary – attempts to conceal his identity

Omar Mc Gillivary – attempts to conceal his identity

The former Office Attendant at the Ministry of Health walked into the Office of THE NEW TODAY on Monday to indicate that her son had never spent time in prison prior to the incident in which he was remanded for the June 30 killing of Junior Thomas of Grand Anse Valley.

“At no time was my son in prison. It will only take a dumb mother to stand up and say she son was in jail and she knows she son (was) not in jail,” she said.

The former civil servant who resigned from the service recently was responding to a report carried in last week’s issue of this newspaper that the person being questioned by the police in connection with the murder had served time in prison.

She admitted that Omar had a previous “minor problem” with the law a few years ago and was fined $150.00 for “the three little joints (weed),” that was found in his possession by the police.

The 26-year old Mc Gillivary of Grand Anse Housing Scheme has been charged by the police for the crime of Non-Capital Murder by intentionally and unlawfully causing the death of Thomas, a 32-year old resident of Grand Anse Valley.

The incident took place June 30 in the vicinity of the Sugar Mill roundabout.

The mother also denied that she had taken her son to the police station after the killing of Thomas.

She recalled that on the morning of the incident, Omar came to her and told her that “he did something,’ and was seeking her advice.

“He said mom, I get myself in trouble and I have done something wrong. He rest (his head) on my shoulder and he braced me and he tell me…he stabbed him and he does not know what happened, so he asked me, mommy what is the best thing to do?” the mother said.

According to the former civil servant, her son and the deceased were at loggerheads in recent years over a female person living in Mont Toute.

However, she said that Omar was no longer involved with the young lady and alleged that the deceased kept interfering with him over the woman.

The mother said she advised her son to turn himself in at the South St. George Police Station and relate the incident to the Police Officers there.

The murder suspect is due to reappear in court on July 25 for the start of the Preliminary Inquiry into the Sugar Mill Round-a-bout killing.


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