The New IMANI programme

Dr. Dedacus Jules addressing the Imani Trainees

Dr. Dedacus Jules addressing the Imani Trainees

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Ecclesiastical Affairs hosted the commencement ceremony on July 1 at the Grenada Trade Centre for the first batch of 1000 youths, who will be starting their training, as part of The New IMANI programme.

Among the persons in attendance at the commencement ceremony were the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, Ministers of Government, Senators, Parliamentary Representatives, Permanent Secretaries, the Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), Dr. Didacus Jules and other important stakeholders.

During the ceremony the New IMANI programme was again explained in detail by Coordinator of Youth, Kevin Andall, who described it as a programme that would meet the needs of every youth, no matter how many times they might have been unsuccessful before, regardless of what their last level of education was.

He explained that there are several pathways that youth could take in this programme to achieve and succeed, following the mandatory three-month Self Development period.

He pointed out that the new partnership with CXC, which allows youths who do not have a certificate in Math or English to attain those qualifications from CXC, as part of the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC) programme, which will be made available to those who need to access it during their time in The New IMANI programme.

He alluded to many other options such as Apprenticeship, Direct Skills Training, Enterprise (Small Business) Training, re-direction to Scholarship opportunities and permanent employment.

CXC’s Dr. Jules flew in from Trinidad specifically to take part in The New IMANI commencement ceremony.

In his speech, he stated his optimism upon seeing the sheer number of youth who have decided to embrace The New IMANI and encouraged them to continue to educate and qualify themselves, as CXC works along with the Government of Grenada to ensure their success.

Director of the Grenada National Training Agency, Lincoln Morgan, also reaffirmed his support for the training component of The New IMANI programme, stating that there was already a successful partnership between the NTA and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Ecclesiastical Affairs, which is already paving the way for the certification of Grenada’s youth.

He also encouraged the youth by reminding them that if they are committed, they will definitely succeed at achieving their goals.

Shaliza Dragon, a new trainee in The New IMANI programme also delivered an inspirational speech, in which she highlighted the benefits of a good opportunity and encouraged her peers to be grateful for and make the most of the opportunity presented.

She encouraged applicants who were not among the first batch to commence training, by urging them to remain patient, because their “day of redemption” was near.

The Minister for Youth, Sports and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Emmalin Pierre, once again encouraged all the youth beginning The New IMANI to make the best of the opportunity extended.

She also thanked her fellow members of Cabinet and other stakeholders, such as CXC and the NTA, for their partnership and support, which she believes will help to change the lives of Grenadian youth in a positive and impactful way.

Prime Minister, Dr. Mitchell was very pleased with the enthusiasm of Grenada’s youth in embracing the programme and pledged his support to ensure that their needs are met and that new options will be explored to provide as many new opportunities as possible to the youth of the nation.

Amid the informative formal presentations, there was lively entertainment provided by four young, talented vocal acts, Valene Nedd, Reesa Mc Intosh, Sonika Mckie and Dennison Andrew, who performed vocal renditions which encouraged, inspired and rejuvenated those in attendance.


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