A first for Spicemas

Blackberry and Android mobile users can now get immediate update information and be in the “know” with the Spice Mas Corporation (SMC) newly launched App.

One of SMC’s Website Technician, Dari Twum-Barimah, has been working with the Carnival body since 2009 developing the website and now the App “giving people a Spice Mas experience in the palm of their hands”.

He informed the media during the launch of the product on Tuesday that the SMC’s plan is to push into the social media, and the new App harnesses all social media content in one-location with automatic updates via social mediums such as facebook, twitter or youtube.

The App can be downloaded from Blackberry App World and Android Store free of cost.

“When you go to it search for Spice Mas it will automatically popup and you can download the App and start viewing and playing right away,” he said.

Blackberry OS5 and up including the Z10 as well as Android 2.4 and up features will be able to support this new App.

Ipads and other mobile devices will have to wait for the development of additional products to enable access to the Spice Mas App.

Twum-Barimah said the new App “aims at getting Spice Mas to a level that we are able to interact with everyone at all levels”.

The Spice Mas App was developed free of cost to the Corporation.

Twum-Barimah said that the App was developed on his team’s personal time and as a result was not a financial burden to SMC.

He said that this was one of the initiatives he wanted to create for SMC and therefore considers it “a labour of love” that only cost attached to it was “lots of sleepless nights”.

SMC Chairman, Arthur Hosten said that the development of the App falls in line with the constant changes in modern technology as the carnival body tries to meet the demands of the changing world of technology.

The App will be used to share updates with the pubic on upcoming events of Carnival 2013.


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