Hotel Worker Stabbed To Death

Junior Thomas – lost his life while out doing business for his mother

Junior Thomas – lost his life while out doing business for his mother

A Hotel Landscaper of Grand Anse Valley, St. George’s who was out on business for his mother was never able to fulfill the errand.

Tragedy struck Junior Thomas as he was making his way back home on Sunday Morning with items for the family Sunday Breakfast.

Thomas, 32, was allegedly attacked with a knife by a young man from Grand Anse Housing Scheme who, up to the time of going to press on Wednesday, was being questioned by the police in connection with the incident that took place near to the Sugar Mill round-a-bout.

A family member told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that after taking a bath and freshening himself from taking part in the revelery, Thomas was sent out by the mother to purchase items at a nearby shop.

An eyewitness who spoke through the family member said Thomas ignored being taunted by the accused man, described as a 27-year old Carpenter.

Our News Desk was told that although the deceased and the murder-accused had some problems about three years ago over a young lady who is the mother of a child for Thomas, on that morning he (Thomas) did not trouble anyone.

It is alleged that the accused man who was recently released from prison attacked Thomas from behind. Thomas fell to the ground but was able to get up quickly and run away from the scene.

His alleged attacker pursued him, and was able to hold on to him by the collar and proceeded to stab him several times.

Thomas was later taken away in a car to the St. George’s General Hospital where he succumbed to the injuries.

There are reports that the murder-accused ran away from the scene to his home, and was later brought into the Police Station by his mother.

The fatal incident followed another stabbing in the same area in less than 24 hours.

There are reports that a youngster from Grand Anse valley received several chop wounds in the area of his face. He was treated at the General Hospital.

As a result of the Sunday Morning fatal stabbing incident, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) issued a statement disbanding unauthorised jouvert celebration.

The RGPF statement says, “Due to several complaints from the wider public as well as security concerns from the Royal Grenada Police Force, the public is hereby notify that with immediate effect, no permission will be granted to persons applying to the Police for permission to play j’ouvert outside of the stipulated period for carnival according to law.

“It has been noticed that in several villages, this is also done without the approval of the Commissioner of Police. In doing so, persons dirty the roadways and unnecessarily disturb and obstruct other persons from going about their normal business. In this regard, the Royal Grenada Police Force is seeking the cooperation of the general public in adhering to all rules governing Carnival and to avoid the legal implications for not doing so.

“The Royal Grenada Police Force is fully aware of the hype needed as a build-up to Carnival and is in no way trying to prevent revelers from enjoying themselves but also have to take into consideration the balance between individual interest and interest of the wider population in maintaining law and order.”

On Tuesday, the Management of the popular Jab Jab Village issued its own statement seeking to clear the air on its weekly activity.

Following is the full text of the statement: “The Management of Jab Jab village wishes to advise the public that we were granted the relevant permission from the Commissioner of the Police and the Spicemas Corporation a few weeks ago to carry on our Weekly activity (every Sunday) at the Jab Jab Village in Morne Delice.

“We wish to make it abundantly clear that our permit was NOT REVOKED as it is rumoured and that Jab Jab village does not fall under the category of “unauthorized Jouverts”.

“Jab Jab village is still on, every Sunday in Morne Delice, St. David’s. Our event (Sundays at Jab Jab Village) runs from 2.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.

“We wish to thank the RGPF for their continued support shown to the ‘Real Jab Jab band’ and to the Management of ‘Jab Jab village’ on a yearly basis. We also wish to thank the general public who have supported and continues to support the ‘Jab Jab village’ and the ‘Real Jab Jab’ Band.

See you this Sunday”.

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