Fishermen receive subvention for celebration

The group of fishermen who received subvention

The group of fishermen who received subvention

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Roland Bhola has admonished fishermen to become more business-oriented.

His comments were made while presiding over a cheque presentation ceremony held at the Melville Street Fish Market Conference Room in St. George’s last week Friday to fishing communities for the celebration of Fisherman’s Birthday

Minister Bhola noted that while the government has a responsibility to protect and provide for the fishing industry, the stakeholders have to secure their financial rewards.

“It is one thing to have a lot of money, it is a different thing to manage that money,” he said.

“Let us remember that this (fishing) industry can grow leaps and bound, and can do more for Grenada than any other industry,” he added.

The senior Government Minister who recognized the dangers fishermen are exposed to encouraged them to do more to protect themselves and the trade in which they are involved.

He said it is realised that from the latter part of the 1980’s the number of persons engaged in the fishing trade has moved from a couple hundreds to well over three thousand persons, while another four thousand plus get additional employment in the industry.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Justin Renee who was present at the function spoke of fishing industry being considered as one of the most dangerous activities in the world.

Renee indicated that measures are being put in place to provide training, navigation, safety at sea as the fishermen risk their lives in the areas where they work.

He reminded the fishermen that amidst the celebration, it is also a time for them to reflect on the contribution they have been making in providing a valuable source of protein to the nation.

He added that through their efforts, the fishermen provide sustainable livelihood, while contributing to food security and foreign exchange earnings.

Renee disclosed that last year alone, fish output accounted for almost $35m, and in terms of export almost $17m.

Cheques amounting to $32,900 were presented to 21 groups of fishermen throughout Grenada.

Activities marking Fisherman’s Birthday climaxed this weekend in Grenville.


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