CPEA Students Excel in ABRSM Music Exams

Zoei Ollivierre – excelled in ABRSM Music Exam

Zoei Ollivierre – excelled in ABRSM Music Exam

For almost 50 years, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) has sent a certified examiner from England to Grenada to administer performance-based practical music exams in a wide variety of instruments and musical styles.

Successful exams are internationally accredited and can count toward University credit. In addition, written theory exams are conducted internally by ABRSM twice a year.

The graded exam levels are in no way related to primary school grades but represent a progression of musical proficiency as established by ABRSM, from Grade 1 to Grade 8, followed by three levels of Diploma.

At each grade level, candidates must demonstrate a selection of scales and arpeggios, sight-reading, aural exercises, and three prepared pieces accompanied by piano from the approved repertoire for the grade.

Candidates for Grade 6 and up must pass the prerequisite Grade 5 written theory or practical equivalent.

This year’s exams included a number of CPEA students who achieved remarkable results. Traditionally, most students preparing for CPEA have suspended their music studies in favour of a strictly academic focus.

The unfortunate outcome of taking this year off is that many students experience a discouraging loss of musical skills and never resume their musical studies in secondary school.

The 2013 ABRSM exam results support the conclusion of extensive research that music studies can facilitate excellence in academics.

Zoei Ollivierre placed second in the island for CPEA. She received Distinctions in Grade 3 Violin and Piano. She was also the Top Scorer in the island for Violin for the second year.

Enya Noel placed third in CPEA and received a Distinction in Grade 2 Violin. Giovanni Antoine placed 20th in CPEA and received a Merit in Grade 2 Violin.

Other successful CPEA music students include Idania Hopkin, Distinctions in Grade 3 Violin and Piano and Distinction in Grade 1 Theory, Rihana Archibald, Distinction in Grade 2 Violin, and Shania Belmar, Merit in Grade 2 Violin.

In addition to these ground-breaking results, there were two Diploma Certificates awarded this year. Hamish Daniel received a Diploma in Piano Performance and Aixa Miguen received a Diploma in Violin Performance.

These exams require the preparation of a 35 minute contrasted program, an analysis paper and discussion with the examiner on the chosen pieces, sight-reading, and a pre-requisite of Grade 8 in the instrument.

The Grenada Music Teacher’s Association held their annual ABRSM Awards Recital on May 29 at the Trade Center, which was a shift from the Marryshow House.

The GMTA awarded the following Top Scorer trophies:


PIANO – Godson Browne

VIOLIN – Zoei Ollivierre

SINGING – Lucinda Ogilivie

THEORY – Amorelle Rougier

BEST OVERALL – Hamish Daniel


Complete ABRSM Practical Music Exam results are as follows:


PIANO – Grade 1: Jenielle Braithwaite, Distinction; Courtney Browne, Distinction; Robert Clements, Distinction; Preston Andre C Andall, Merit; Jaevana Marryshow, Merit; Jelanie Moses, Merit; Kristi Neptune, Merit; Nathan Williams, Merit; Garth Neptune; Navice Malcolm.


Grade 2: Ama Redhead, Distinction; Renisha Pivott, Distinction.


Grade 3: Godson Browne, Distinction; Lorian Guillaume, Distinction; Kristina Morgan, Distinction; Zoei Ollivierre, Distinction; Idania Hopkin, Distinction.


Grade 4: Kyzelle Roberts;


Grade 5, Donja Gordon, Distinction; Amy Gittens, Merit; Renae Baptiste.


Grade 6: Jewel Hankey-Telesford, Merit; Oyeronke Alexis.


Grade 8: Kieron Daniel.


VIOLIN – Grade 1: Ebony Munro, Distinction; Giovanni Antoine, Merit; Abigail John, Merit; Jonathan Masilimani, Merit; Kristiann Evans.


Grade 2: Enya Noel, Distinction; Nathan Williams, Distinction; Shania Belmar, Merit; Jelanie Moses, Merit; Kaila Ann Martin, Merit; Mia Neckles, Merit; Tyler Hurst, Merit; Nicholas John, Merit.


Grade 3: Zoei Ollivierre, Distinction,; Idania Hopkin, Distinction; Rihana Archibald, Distinction.


Grade 4: Zipporah Bowen, Merit; Robert Clement, Merit; Kyzelle Roberts, Merit.


Grade 5 Musicianship: Frances Adele Lopez, Anastasia Winsborrow.


SINGING – Grade 4: Avernell Christopher, Distinction; Lucinda Ogilvie, Distinction.


TROMBONE – Grade 8: Kerlon Matthew, Merit.


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